Here are some of the FANUC alarm codes

Here are some of the FANUC alarm codes

We usually hear about the FANUC Alarm Code, but probably most of us don’t know what this term means to me. So, what is a FANUC Alarm Code?

Called FANUC alarm code, FANUC fault, or even error code, is how Computerized Numerical Control marks that there is a certain issue or trouble. This fault message might show problems with either the device itself in case it is electric or mechanical. The FANUC fault code could show problems with the g-code program. 

Here are some of the FANUC alarm codes

To make it easier for you to diagnose your CNC fault message, we put a few codes from the FANUC alarm codes list between your hands.

TV Parity Alarm

This alarm will exist only in case the TV check is active.

Too Many digits

Information surpassing the maximum acceptable number of digits as input. 

No Data After Address

The address was not accompanied by the right information but was accompanied by a different address or EOB code. Adjust the program.

Illegal Address Input

The unserviceable character was input in a huge area. Adjust the program.

Improper G–Code

An unserviceable G code or G code identical to the task not offered is determined. Adjust the program.

Too Many Axes Commanded

M Series; An effort was applied in the aim of moving the machine along the axes, but their number surpassed the determined number of axes managed at the same time. Adjust the program.

 Ilegal Planet Select

When specifying the level, two or additional axes in the very same path will be commanded. Adjust the program.

Illegal Offset Value

M Series; The offset values determined by the H code are very huge. Adjust the program.

Illegal Offset Value in G10

When tuning an offset quantity by G10 or when writing an offset quantity by system variables, the offset quantity was very immoderate.

Interference in Circular Block

Overcutting will occur in tool radius/tool nose radius/cutter compensation because the arc start point or endpoint coincides with the arc center. Adjust the program.

CNR not allowed in THIRD BLK

Chamfering or corner R is demanded in the thread cutting block. Adjust the program.

Interference in CRC

M series; Overcutting is going to happen in cutter compensation C. Two or even additional blocks are sequentially determined through which duties like the auxiliary task and dwell tasks are implemented with no need for movement in the cutter compensation mode. Adjust the program.

Illegal and select

Two or additional equivalent axes (in equivalence to an essential axis) are determined when starting up of 3D tool compensation or a 3D coordinate conversion.

It is worth mentioning that these codes are a few of many which you can find on the MRO Electric website.