How to Win at Slots 2021 | 7 Crucial Tips

How to Win at Slots 2021 | 7 Crucial Tips

Winning a huge jackpot at slots is a dream many of us had at least once in our lifetime. Unfortunately, unless you have stumbled upon an ancient lamp inhabited by a genie, there are no sure ways of guaranteeing that will happen. And if you have stumbled upon such a lamp, you probably have better things to do than reading about crucial tips on how to win at slots in 2021 or look for gambling tips for beginners. That doesn’t mean you can’t take measures to significantly increase your chances, though. Here is how to do that and maybe fulfill that dream.

Play Online Slots with The Highest Return To Player (RTP)

Return To Player (RTP) is a percentage of all bets an online slot will give back to players in the form of winnings. It varies from slot to slot, by it is usually in the range between 94% to 97%. In essence, for an RTP of 95%, it means that out of $100 taken in bets, the slot will pay back $95. That sounds great in theory, but there are a few snags. The biggest one is that RTP is calculated over the lifetime of the slot, which can be years. In practical terms, a slot will have periods when it pays out more than its stated RTP, but also periods when it pays considerably less. In the long run, it will even out, but if you catch it on the downswing, that won’t matter much to you. Nevertheless, always check RTP before you start playing, as it can tell you what you can reasonably expect from a slot.

Set a Budget

This is an excellent rule for every gambling activity, but it is especially true for online slots. This is because people usually play online slots with minimal bets, so each spin can cost you as low as $0.50 or even $0.25. With such small amounts, it is easy to convince yourself to keep playing, even though you should have stopped hours ago. After all, what is one more hand? It’s only 25 cents. The next thing you know, you are hundreds, if not thousands of dollars down and wondering what happened. Setting a weekly or even daily budget for gambling will prevent that from happening if you can enforce it. Whatever you do, do not spend more than you have allocated. Technically speaking, this advice isn’t about how to win at slots, but rather how not to lose. Don’t become one of many cautionary tales about people losing their kids’ college fund in a casino.

Stay Away from Bets that Reduce the RTP

Slots usually display a uniform RTP, which in some cases may be a generalization and average value of different RTPs. Depending on the number of paylines you play, RTP can have significant swings, usually downward.

Use Free Spins and Demo Games

Online casinos like w888 often give free spins to their players or let them demo a new slot for free. This is usually done as a part of a promotion campaign, to attract new players. Whenever you are offered free spins, always accept them. You have nothing to lose, as they don’t come with wagering requirements like some other casino bonuses. On the other hand, they will let you try slots and study them in detail. This can give you an edge once you start playing for real money.

Don’t Believe in Slot Myths

Slots are surrounded by many myths people believe in. Most, if not all, of them, are simply not true. One of the biggest fallacies is a tactic known as “Priming the pump”. It says that you won’t win big right off the bat, so you should start playing with smaller bets and gradually increase them. Statistically speaking, you have equal chances of winning on your last spin as you do on your first.  Gods of chance don’t care whether you are playing for five minutes or five hours. Another one is to play only slots at the end of the row. The assumption is that casinos want those machines to pay out more, as they are more visible to the rest of the people in the casino. Again, completely untrue and baseless. At best these myths will make you jump through hoops without affecting your chances of winning. At worst, they will actually lower them.

Compare The Price for Each Bet

Sometimes, betting more can be actually cheaper. Let’s say that betting on one payline costs 10 cents, and betting on three costs 20 cents. Yes, your initial bet is higher in the second case, but you are increasing your chances of winning threefold. Singling out each bet also increases volatility, and you want to avoid that as much as possible.

Small Jackpots Are Easier to Win

This one is kind of obvious when you think about it. The bigger the jackpot, the smaller your chances of a win are, and vice versa. Smaller jackpots are more common and you have a much better chance of winning one of those than huge progressive ones. It’s OK to play them, just as you understand that it is primarily for fun, and not expect to win. If you do, you will be in for a disappointment, not to mention you will lose a lot of money waiting for that big payday.