Those Mobility Solutions Let You Live In Your Home Longer

Those Mobility Solutions Let You Live In Your Home Longer

Physical disabilities are commonly associated with the twilight years and can affect mobility in seniors. A simple stair becomes a challenge to many older adults. Stair-related injuries are the most common among senior citizens worldwide. Mobility solutions such as a ramp or an elevator, or a wheelchair lift, or a stairlift can help elders staying in their multi-story homes and allow them to remain in their homes than living in an assisted facility. Modifying a home to make it more senior-friendly – comfortable, safe, and accessible – does not take a lot of money. With the help of the right product and proper installation, senior members can enjoy the freedom of movement around their homes. If you are residing in Quebec and considering mobility options for your home, finding a stairlift distributor in Quebec for the perfect mobility solutions. Here we discuss some important factors you should know about stairlifts before you buy one.

Stairlifts – How Do They Make Moving Between Floors Easy

Stairlifts are simple mobility devices that run using tracks along the length of the staircase. Stairlifts are attached to the stair treads and are battery-powered. Stairlifts are also cost-effective and easy to install and maintain. Unlike residential elevators, installing stairlifts does not involve costly construction work. Well-known brands make a wide variety of stairlifts that come with loads of convenient features and provide comfortable and safe moving solutions between the floors.

Parts of a Stairlift

Stairlifts have relatively simple mechanisms. The components include

  • Rail: Rails are made of steel or aluminium on which the chairs glide up and down. Rails can be customized depending on your needs.
  • Chair: Comes in different sizes and shapes. Users can customize chairs depending on their weight and other preferences. Chairs include built-in sensors, adjustable armrests, and seatbelts. You can create a stairlift look that aesthetically blends with your home decor.
  • Power source: Stairlifts are rechargeable battery-operated.

Who can use stairlifts?

Apart from older adults and persons with mobility issues, stairlifts help persons who use wheelchairs, obese or overweight persons who struggle with steps, and patients with arthritis, cardiac problems, and other health issues.

Those Mobility Solutions Let You Live In Your Home Longer

Stairlifts Types

Depending on your individual needs, you can install both indoor and outdoor stairlifts. Depending on the shape of your staircase, you can opt for a straight or a curved stairlift. Straight stairlifts are easy to install and are affordable mobility solutions. Curved stairlifts customized solutions and require installation expertise and are comparatively costly.

Are Stairlifts Safe To Use?

Stairlifts are incredibly versatile and flexible. Modern stairlifts are safe and easy to use if you buy one from a well-known manufacturer and get it installed by certified expert professionals. Branded carriages come with sensors that can detect obstacles and stop to prevent any fall.

Stairlifts: Are They Affordable?

Compared to other mobility solutions, stairlifts are affordable. However, the price depends on brands and models, the complexity and measurement of the staircase of your property – straight or curved, custom features you opt for, and so on. Talking to your distributor will give you an idea about the cost. You can request a free survey from stairlifts distributors and get quotes from more than one company. If your budget does not permit a new stairlift, you can search for rental options or pre-owned stairlifts. Or you can discuss a monthly payment facility with your dealer.

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Customer Service: Efficient, prompt, and responsive customer service is last but not least when you consider buying a stairlift.

Finally, banking on the durability and dependability of stairlifts, anyone can enjoy a non-restricted movement around his/ her house. Stairlifts can be a cheaper alternative to an assisted living facility in the long run. Additionally, senior citizens can apply for grants or financial help while buying a stairlift. So why wait? Find a stairlift distributor in Quebec and make your life easier.