What makes officeworks ergonomic chairs an in-trend office furniture?

Ergonomic Office Furniture is a boon to every organization as it prevents stress & promotes the employees’ efficiency by its very shape & design. It is no wonder why ergonomic furniture has made an intriguing place in 2021 top-notch furniture trends. Companies from around the world are employing furniture such as officeworks ergonomic chairs to contribute to their employees’ overall well-being, thereby enhancing their productivity.

Not only this, an office works computer chair is a great addition to in-home settings as well. You can select a suitable chair & include it in your home office setup. It would enhance your health & help you maintain your body’s posture in an ideal state all through the working hours.

Let us understand what makes an ergonomic office chair stand out from the rest of regular chairs & why you should consider adding them to your workplace.

Why Do You Need a Heavy Duty Computer Chair?

In the current scenario, working involves sitting for extended periods & hunching over computer screens. Such a position exerts pressure on the spine & develops back problems & postural issues, including wrist pain, neck and shoulder stiffness. These problems can be quite distracting & degrade your work performance, leaving you exhausted.

Therefore, it is important to have the best ergonomic office chair that is functional & renders the utmost comfort & adjustability. Moreover, it promotes good posture by supporting your lower back.


Features you should look for in Officeworks Computer Chair


The ergonomic chairs are loaded with adjustments, which makes them adapt to the user’s natural body and reduces discomfort when he sits for extended periods. Using these chairs in the workplace can reduce back problems and improve the user’s performance. That’s the reason ergonomic chairs stand out from the rest of the chairs.

Here’s a list of features that a good ergonomic chair should possess:

1). Seat height – Officeworks ergonomic chairs feature adjustable height, enabling users of various heights to comfortably move the chair seat upwards or downwards at their convenience. This functionality makes ergonomic chairs adapt to users of all heights, thereby letting them work efficiently.

2). Seat width and depth: Gladly, ergonomic chairs can accommodate people of all sizes with their adaptable seat width and depth. The usual seat width offered by office computer chairs ranges from 17 to 20 inches. Secondly, the user should be able to sit and leave 2-4 inches of space between the seat and back of the knees.

3). Lumbar Support: The lower back support is a crucial feature that every good computer chair should have. This functionality is ideal for people who spend extended periods sitting & working. Lumbar support reduces strain on the user’s spine by supporting the inner curve & preventing it from slumping.

4). Adjustable backrest: This functionality of ergonomic chairs is a boon to employees who take calls & attend long meetings. The chair’s tilt-lock mechanism enables the user to modify the height & angle of the backrest at his preference.

5). Armrests: Most of the office works computer chairs feature cushioned armrests, enabling the user to place their elbows & lower arms while working to avoid getting fatigued.

6). Chair Wheels: Chair wheels enable movement around your working space to retrieve the required stuff without getting up from the seat. However, you should carefully select the wheel material according to the floor surface. Go for hard wheels if you have carpeted floors, and choose soft rubber wheels for hard floor surfaces.

7). Swivel: The swivel allows you to reach various objects around you by simply rotating the chair. This functionality is available with a 360-degree rotation, which prevents arm fatigue by enabling the user to reach stuff easily.

While hunting for the best chair for computer work, ensure checking the features mentioned above. These features render relentless support & comfort to you while you work & enhance your effectiveness.

How do officeworks ergonomic chairs benefit you?

  • An Ergonomic chair is a feasible solution to incorrect postural & musculoskeletal issues.
  • It easily conforms to the user’s needs & provides the utmost comfort.
  • It assures relaxation & increases user’s work productivity.
  • It enhances proper blood circulation & reduces cardio-vascular issues.
  • It promotes a delightful working environment in the office.

To cherish these lasting benefits, shop the most comfortable computer chair from an exclusive range available online. Say goodbye to postural issues!