The Power of Tactile Marketing: 5 Ways Printed Newsletters Can Boost Your Business

Are you trying to break through the digital noise to get the attention of shoppers? It’s hard when there are so many social media networks. Not to mention, you have to contend with competition and algorithms just to get noticed.

Marketers are looking back to traditional methods to get attention. They’re turning to print ads like printed newsletters.

Print advertising accounts for about $44 million of advertising spending. There are still plenty of benefits of printed newsletters and other forms of print ads.

Read on to discover why you should consider printed flyers and newsletters in your next ad campaign.

1. High Delivery Rates

Have you ever sent an email newsletter to find that the email went to spam? People are overwhelmed by email these days. They set filters to ensure that promotional emails get sent to a separate box.

Not only that, but some email newsletter companies have a bad reputation for low delivery rates. You’re lucky if your emails reach your audience.

That’s not the case with printed flyers. As long as you have an accurate list, your newsletters get delivered.

2. Better Response Rate Than Email

Here’s another nod to printed newsletters in the print vs. email debate. Email newsletters tend to have a low open rate of about 20%. The clickthrough rate is even lower, at about 1-2%.

Print marketing garners a much better response. The vast majority of newsletters are viewed. They also have a higher response rate.

3. Reach a Younger Audience

Is your target market younger? Many business owners who have a younger target market are terrified of marketing to them.

They loathe some of the social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The good news is that printed newsletters are effective in reaching this demographic.

About 92% of 18-23 year-olds say that it’s easier to read print than online content. Close to 80% of consumers say that they are influenced to make a buying decision from printed newsletters.

4. Printed Newsletters Are Affordable

Are you worried about the cost of printing and mailing newsletters? It’s actually more affordable than you think.

You have to consider that ad inventory is rebounding as the economy returns to normal. Ad costs are sure to increase over the next year and beyond.

That’s not the case with print advertising. Less competition means a better financial outlook and a higher return on investment.

5. You Can Get Creative

You’re not really limited to printed newsletters. It’s not like email where you’re limited in the design. There are a number of examples at

You can send postcards, printed flyers, door hangers, and brochures.

The Many Benefits of Printed Newsletters

Sometimes you have to look back to make progress. If you’re looking for a way to rebound and make a quick impact on your business, invest in printed newsletters.

There are a lot of benefits of print marketing. You have more certainty that your message reaches your target market. They’re more likely to respond, too.

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