The Introduction of CCIE Certification

The Introduction of CCIE Certification

CCIE (Cisco Certified InternetworkExpert)

CCIE’s course content is divided into five directions: R&S, SP, security, voice and storage. CCIE examination content is divided into written examination and Lab. Moreover, candidates must pass the written examination before booking the experimental examination. CCIE’s written examination can be reserved in any VUE authorized examination center, and the experimental part in China can only be taken in Beijing and Hong Kong,in which candidates make an appointment for CCIE exam Click Among all CCIE people, the R&S direction accounts for the vast majority. In our country, this direction accounts for more than 17,000 persons.

CCIE’s full name is Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. It is an expert certification examination launched by Cisco in 1993. It is recognized as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry and the highest level certification in the field of global network interconnection. CCIE certification provides the expertise engineers with skills needed to harness Cisco devices in today’s rapidly changing network environment. It is the most advanced technical capability certification of Cisco, located at the top of the Cisco pyramid certification system, and is also one of the most authoritative and respected certificates recognized by the IT industry. Formal CCIE certification is not required. Candidates do not need to have other professional certifications or attend specific training courses. However, candidates should have an in-depth understanding of the details, difficulties and challenges of end-to-end networks. To obtain CCIE certification, candidates must first pass a written qualification test, and then participate in the corresponding laboratory practice test.

CCIE certification is the top Certificate in Cisco certification system. To obtain CCIE certification, you need to obtain the following course examinations:

  1. CCIE qualification test (i.e. written test, 2.5 hours); test fee: USD 350
  2. CCIE experimental test (one day) costs about USD 1,549
  3. CCIE interview (English)

CCIE R&S written examination: 350-001 (Routing and Switchching Written Exam). The written examination can be basically taken in all cities in China, while the laboratory examination has only 9 examination rooms worldwide: Research Triangle Park (US), San Jose (US), Sydney (Australia), Hong Kong (China), Beijing (China), Bangalore (India), Tokyo (Japan) Brussels (Belgium), Sao Paulo (Pakistan).

The written examination can be taken in VUE authorized examination centers in all cities in China. The cost of CCIE written examination is USD 350!, Chinese candidates can pay RMB, usually at the ratio of 1:8.3, and in some examination centers they have to pay more.

The written examination time of CCIE exerciseis 2 hours in native English speaking countries and 2.5 hours in non-native English speaking countries. There are 100 objective multiple-choice questions in the written test, about 30-40% of which are multiple-choice, with a full score of 100. The passing score is 70%, with a wide range of topics, covering all the topics required by the written examination on Cisco’s website. Generally, after the written test, it takes 5-7 days to record the results in the database before setting the test time of lab. It’s all right to record the trial time on Cisco’s website. To take lab exam, candidates must provide a CCO account, in which the customer contract number of Cisco company is required to apply for a CCO account, which is generally owned by Cisco agents or distributors. If it is a personal test, you can apply for a guest account. About 80% of the people who test routing & switching lab in China usually go to Beijing.

The examination time of CCIE Lab is one day. Except for removed the original independent troubleshooting part, other contents have not be changed, so the examination time is relatively tight. CCIE is divided into active and inactive states. In order for CCIE to track new technologies and maintain the expert level of CCIE, Cisco has to re authenticate every two years since obtaining CCIE certification. Otherwise, although it still has CCIE number, its nature will change from active to inactive.