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Instagram vs Facebook for Social Media Marketing

Are you looking to boost your business’s online presence?

Social media marketing is one of the most effective tools to consider. After all, most Americans use social media. Two of the most effective platforms are Instagram and Facebook.

Your business is missing a lot if your target audience won’t see your brand in any of these two. Which social media platform is more effective? This question is more vital for your social media marketing and advertising efforts.

Do you want a starting point? Continue reading below for an Instagram vs Facebook comparison.

Advantages of Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is an excellent platform for catering to a market that loves visuals. Its approach is images, attracting over 2 billion monthly users.

Instagram makes it easy for users to post photos and videos using mobile devices. You can post content anytime and anywhere you are, as long as you are online.

You can connect to your audience using these visuals to give them a chance to learn more about your brand. Instagram’s engagement rate is higher by 70% compared to Facebook’s. It means one impactful image can reach thousands of people in seconds.

Your content can generate a high engagement rate, snowballing to other Instagram users. Instagram marketing also lets you respond to your customers faster. You can give personalized answers that customers will appreciate than a canned response.

Instagram allows you to connect with the audience across different channels. You can post Instagram photos on your website. Non-follower visitors can click on the link to follow you on Instagram.

Your loyal customers can also help market your products. Instagram lets you use photos from customers to create more traffic. You can ask permission from your clients to post pictures of them using your products.

Instagram also gives you a snapshot of how the audience will react to your content. You can measure the reception of the customer content and gauge if the rest of your audience will like it.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

Facebook offers audience potential similar to Instagram. It has over 2.9 billion monthly active users and presents different targeting capabilities. You can use Facebook Ads and target it to a group of people that may want to use your product.

Facebook Ads will consider your audience’s interests, location, and demographics. The Ads will then focus on the right people that have the best chance of buying your product.

Facebook also lets you connect with customers in different ways. The most common is through your social media posts that you publish on your business page. You can post promotional content about an upcoming product.

You can also ask questions to get your audience’s opinion. Users can respond through the comments section below every post.

Facebook also lets users contact you via chat. They can send direct messages to your Facebook business page and raise questions or concerns about your product. You can respond to them instantly and resolve their issues faster.

Another benefit of marketing via Facebook is the Facebook Groups. You can create a community where users can interact with each other. Loyal customers can share knowledge with new users of your products.

The platform allows you to create more engagements and make potential leads. You can also use Facebook Groups to launch ads to a targeted audience.

There are also Facebook Events that you can use for free advertising. Click for more information about growing your Facebook page.

The Cons of Instagram Marketing

A fair Instagram vs Facebook comparison should also include the cons. Instagram marketing’s primary strength can also be its downfall. As such, posting poor-quality images can quickly backfire on your brand.

Users may skip your page if they see bad photos. They may also gloss over the messages with the pictures.

Remember that the images play one half of the marketing effort, and the captions take care of the other. Bad photos will make users lose interest in your social media posting.

Another disadvantage is the content limitations. Instagram shortens captions to 125 characters. It means you need to be concise with your ads to make the message matter.

You also cannot include links on your Instagram posts. The key is to make your post compelling enough for users to check your bio for a link to your website. You can only add a clickable link if you’re using Instagram ads.

The Cons of Facebook Marketing

Maintaining your Facebook page is the primary disadvantage of using the platform. Unhappy customers can leave negative reviews on your page and your postings. Failing to address their concerns can drive potential clients away.

Monitoring these comments and feedback can be overwhelming. Using Facebook Ads also come with a cost that can increase anytime. The tool could be inconsistent when you have a limited budget.

Instagram vs Facebook: The Verdict

Is it going to be Facebook or Instagram as the social media marketing platform for you? Instagram is the better choice if you have a young and dynamic market heavily relying on visuals. You can use it to launch an image contest and make a hashtag for better tracking.

Facebook is what you need if you want a more text-based marketing approach. You can educate customers about how your products work through a Facebook post. You can also share curated content like news articles about your products.

However, consider using both platforms at once. Categorize your content and publish them on the appropriate social media network.

Post photos of a company event on your Instagram account. Let everyone know about the details through a comprehensive Facebook post.

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Resolving the Instagram vs Facebook debate will help you decide the right platform. You can develop better content and publish them more effectively.

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