Video Chat with AI

How AI Provide Safety And Features In Online Video Chat

Introduction To Online Video Chatting

The evolution of online chat platforms in recent years is remarkable. After the launch of Omegle chat in 2009, many providers started coping with the same ideas, and now more than 50+ platforms are available for online chat. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of these platforms has increased dramatically. Omegle and FaceFlow both have over 5M+ daily users. People are madly using these platforms and since these providers do not have direct control over these platforms, Security and safety questions arise. So many controversies have been registered in recent years.

So, the question is, are these platforms safe? The answer is simple and Straight, NO!  As mentioned above these platform providers do not have direct control over any chat and conversation. If we look at how these platforms work, it simply connects two users from one and to another through sockets. Omegle, Chatrandom, etc. uses the same technical term and flow. It means once you disconnect from one end it’s hard to re-connect using sockets because a large number of users and Sockets are running at the same time. And these platforms are designed in such a way that you can’t connect with the same user again for a fixed period of time. So if anyone tries to misbehave and try to do illegal and bad pieces of stuff, it will be hard to find them once they disconnect. 

Security Concerns were highlighted more after in 2014 one teenage girl and one 20+ young man shared personal details on video chat and arranged the meeting. Later Girl registers a police complaint of sexual assault. These didn’t stop here, So many controversies were registered and it started getting people’s attention and providers were forced to do something strong and protective for user’s safety and AI came out as a supportive solution. Many of the same stories were recorded on many platforms like Omegle, Chatroulette, ome tv, etc. 

What Is The Role Of AI? And How Artificial Intelligence Helps For User Security

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing branches of Information Technology and Computer Science and engineering. It is almost working in every aspect of IT and the Computer world. Artificial Intelligence or AI for short has been one of the most supportive parts of online video chat platforms. Founder and manager of Omegle, Leif K-Brooks said in one interview they try to maximize the moderation of the platforms as security and safety issues arise in recent years.

The role of Artificial intelligence will be huge in the future for sure. The use of online chat is increasing day by day. Security and safety of the user will be the biggest challenges for platform providers. Omegle founder and handler Leif K-brooks explain the changes in moderation policies in the future and indicate the use of AI and how it helps to monitor, control, and spam bad users.

What does AI basically do is monitor the conversation between users and if it finds out anything then it blocks user and stored user details like IP address, Location, and much more? Some of the experts also say that it takes screenshots and records conversations if it finds something malicious. Online video chat platforms like Omegle, Chatrandom, etc. are not only on the internet who stored user data, over 90% of Applications, and service providers store user data.


Online chat platforms are not safe for sure. It’s very foolish to say that AI will help to stop all illegal and bad activities on the platform. Yes, of course, AI can help to catch and maximize moderation and provide maximum security, but it can help completely. Self-awareness and safety is the best way to protect from bad and illegal activities, a computer-generated program can ease up the process but will never provide 100% security.