Suing a Hairdresser for Hair Damage and Scalp Injuries

Suing a Hairdresser for Hair Damage and Scalp Injuries

Almost all people enjoy a visit to the hairdresser. While you spend about an hour or two at the salon, you are relaxed and comfortable, receiving pampering and beauty treatments that can lift your spirit, make you feel brand new and refreshed.

But sometimes, your stay at the hairdressing salon can be a harrowing experience. You can get injured, and your scalp can suffer burns from harsh chemicals from treatment solutions, which can also damage your hair. If something like this happens to you, can you sue a hairdresser for ruining your hair? Yes, you can be entitled to make a hairdressing compensation claim. A solicitor specialising in hairdressing claims can help you with everything you need to claim compensation.

Reasons to file a compensation claim.

Your hair and scalp can be damaged by hair straightening irons, curling irons, hairdryers, hair dye, and bleach. These products and tools can burn your hair and scalp. Therefore, before receiving any hair treatment using products with chemical content, you must ascertain that the hairdresser has the professional qualifications and the experience to handle such products.

Hair treatment solutions contain various chemical ingredients, most of which are safe to use. However, certain products may contain harsher chemicals to achieve the right results.

Professional hairdressers undergo training to handle these types of products. Some of them need to be certified before they can use specific products. They are trained to identify the risks and what to do in case of mistakes in using the products. They also learn what information to tell clients before they use the products. At the same time, hairdressers have to follow the hairdressing rules and guidelines and their responsibilities towards their clients.

However, some hairdressers do not follow regulations and fail to do skin patch tests and inform the clients of the risks of using some hair treatment solutions. Hence, they become liable when accidents happen, like burning and damaging a client’s hair and scalp.

Allergic reactions to the chemicals in bleach and hair dyes are another valid reason to seek compensation. Your scalp and parts of your face can be affected by your reaction to chemicals. The injury to your scalp can cause your hair to fall off excessively, or it can result in patch baldness, or worst, lead to complete baldness.


The amount of compensation for hair damage and scalp injuries varies. There should be proof about everything that transpired before and after the incident. The complainant should provide strong evidence to support the claim, so you should hire a solicitor if you want to file a hairdressing injury claim. It is a laborious, lengthy, and complex process that needs professional legal guidance. Aside from compensation for the physical damage, you can also claim compensation for the emotional stress the injury caused. You may need counselling. Some victims were not able to go to work because of the altered appearance of their hair. Others need to hire caregivers because the effects are severe.

If you sustained injuries and damages because of the negligence of a hairdresser, ensure that you have a record of everything, from the time the incident occurred and all the supporting documents that will prove that you were not at fault.