Rakhi Gifts

Reasons to Gift Rakhi to Your Bhaiya and Bhabhi

Rakhsha Bandhan is the festival that  celebrates the special bond of a brother and sister, when a sister ties a beautiful rakhi on the wrist of his brother and wishes for his well-being  and the brother promises to take care of his sister and to always remain by her side. However, the significance of Raksha Bandhan is not restricted to just one relationship. Rakhi is considered to be the epitome of absolute love and unbreakable bond and therefore a great way to express your love and care for your loved ones. Bhaiya bhabhi rakhis are a lot in trend these days, wherein you not only send a beautiful rakhi to your brother but also your sister-in-law and strengthen your bond with her as well on this auspicious occasion. Also known as lumba rakhis, these rakhis come in pairs and have similar designs except one can be tied on the brother’s wrist whereas the other can be worn by your sister-in-law in her hand like a bangle. Well, if you are thinking why to give bhaiya bhabhi rakhi, here are reasons enough to do so. Read through and find for yourself. 

Spreading Happiness: Rakhi is the best gift to give to your brother on Raksha Bandhan, that helps bring a beautiful smile upon his face, then what is the harm in surprising your sister-in-law and spreading  happiness on her face as well. Sending a lumba rakhi will also let her know that you care for her and that you love both of them equally. This is also a great way to make your sister-in-law feel loved. 

Making Your Bond Strong: Raksha Bandhan is the perfect occasion to make your bond stronger not only with your brother but also your sister-in-law and a lumba rakhi is the perfect gift to begin this beautiful relationship with. Just as you wish the best for your brother and always pray for his well-being, giving a rakhi to your  sister-in-law will also show your same gesture towards her and make her feel equally special. 

Committing To This Relationship: A rakhi means commitment and when you are committing a beautiful relationship to your brother, giving a lumba rakhi to your sister-in-law will also show your commitment towards the bond that you share with her. A rakhi promises your loved ones care, love and affection and all these sweet gestures towards your sister-in-law will only make her feel loved. 

Promise Of Care And Well-Being: Your family is one of the most important people in your life and you must cherish their presence by sending your bhaiya and bhabhi a lumba rakhi set that they will love along with other rakhi special goodies. This will make your sister-in-law feel like you really care for her and make her feel more loved and special. It is in little ways like these that one feels the deep emotions that you have and therefore you must not miss an opportunity to do so. 

 Celebration Of Divine Feminine: Also considered as a symbol of divine feminism, sending a lumba rakhi to your sister-in-law along with your brother, such traditions and practice bring much faith and optimism in our life. Not excluding the presence of masculinity, but also giving space to all kinds of women, sending a lumba rakhi set to your brother and sister-in-law means that you love both of them equally and that you will provide care, protection to both of them equally.

Well, there are not one but many reasons why to send bhaiya bhabhi rakhi to USA or other countries where your loved ones are and each reason has its own significance. So, make sure that you do send a beautiful pair of rakhi to your loved ones and make them feel utterly special.