Do Curly Wigs Stay Always Curly?

Do Curly Wigs Stay Always Curly?

Curly hair is always in style and it will never go out of style. And curly wigs are the perfect choice for those who want a quick curly style, especially for black women. The curly hair wigs allow you to wear this timeless look over and over again. But as we know, they require a bit more maintenance than straight hair, so we need some advice on proper care for curly wigs to keep them in optimal condition over time. Now we will share with you how to keep your lovely curly wig nice.

How To Keep A Curly Wig Well?

1. Wash your curly wig in moderation:

Wigs do not need to be washed as often as your own hair; however, after several weeks, dirt and oil can build up and cause the wig to lose its shine. Your curly black hair wigs can also become stiff and difficult to style. Curly wigs must be washed before this happens. Always refer to the washing instructions for your particular wig. The general rule of thumb for all wigs is that they should be washed very gently in a shallow container filled with warm water and wig shampoo. Just move your wig in the water without rubbing. Take it out and put it on towels to test. You can remove excess water from your wig, but don’t rub your wig; This can cause you to lose your curls.

2. Trim the ends of your wig if necessary:

Especially for long curly lace front wigs. Long curly wigs especially tend to frizz and tangle. Cutting the ends of your wig a few inches can help, but of course, you can only do this several times without making major changes to the style of your wig. For short curly wigs, you can skip this step because they don’t need to be cut, you just need a proper comb.

3. Use the correct comb:

If your wig is wavy, you may be able to use a wide-tooth comb to very gently detangle the tangles, starting at the tip of the wig and slowly working your way up. Wigs with tight curls generally should not be styled at all, as this can break the curls. Once the curls have parted, it may be impossible to re-style them as they were. Some wigs can be gently flipped with your fingers.

4. Add some water to the “wet and wavy” wig:

The wet and wavy wig style is not designed for brushing or styling. Instead, simply spray water or a mild conditioner on the wig to maintain it.

5. Use heat:

If your curly wig is made of 100% human hair. Look at the information on the wig package or ask a wig shop assistant to find out if your wig is made entirely of human hair. Even wigs made partially from synthetic hair usually burn or melt. Always start with the heat at the lowest setting and gradually increase the temperature if necessary. The use of a curling iron to re-curl long curly human hair wigs can help restore their original quality.

What Is A Body Wave Wig?

Body Wave Wigs means the body wave in the style of a wig. There are synthetic body and human hair body wave wigs in the hair beauty market. Undoubtedly, body wave human hair wigs are better and the price is higher. But human hair body wigs last longer with more proper care.

A body wave hair wig is completed by sewing a hair weave. 3 or 4 strands of body wave hair with a lace closure or lace frontal can make a full thick human hair wig.

How To Install A Body Wave Wig

  • Brush your own hair, braid it as flat as possible like braids. If your hair is long, it is difficult to manage. You have to pay complete attention to one thing. Hair must be braided tightly. Or the wig is easy to take off your head. If your hair is short, it is easy to handle, braid like a braid.
  • Wear a wig cap or eliminate this step. The wig cap can protect your hair to avoid more damage.
  • Put the wig on your head, adjust it to the proper position. Then cut it to stabilize the wig.
  • Cut the edge of the extra cord, apply a little glue to stick the cord. This can strengthen the wig so that it does not slide off. Meanwhile, use some cosmetics to let the color of the lace be similar to your skin.
  • Make a parting that you like, side or middle. If your wig is a 360 lace front body wave wig, you can choose more such as a bun, half up and half down and a high ponytail.
  • Trim and style your wig with body waves. Once the installation is complete, you are not totally satisfied. You can trim it to the hairstyle that you like the most.

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