Sheriff Villanueva says “wokeism” has to go to make Los Angeles “livable again.”

According to Villanueva, the law enforcement community is under siege.

In a statement released on Saturday, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva expressed his desire that a referendum on “wokeism” will be held in 2022, saying that so-called “defenders” have wreaked havoc on public safety, as evidenced by the increase in homelessness and crime.

As Villanueva points out, even though Los Angeles County has spent an estimated $6.5 billion in recent years to battle the homelessness problem, the county’s homeless population has increased from 39,000 to more than 83,000 during that same period, according to Villanueva.

A deceased man’s body was transported through the MTA system for six hours last week, according to Villanueva, even though 5,700 homeless individuals in Los Angeles live on trains, according to Villanueva.