REVEALED: Man exposes how Tollbooth operators are robbing government by issuing fake receipts to drivers

There are some tollbooths in some part of Ghana. This booths are used to collect taxes from drivers who ply the such roads and the taxes that are collected from drivers are used to construct and repair damages roads.

The prices for different vehicles varies. Public transport vehicles tax is very is from privately owned vehicles. Also taxes for heavy duty vehicles is different. This helps the government in so many ways by generating revenue to assist in road constructions.


However, it appears some dubious people are stealing monies meant for the national coffers by directing it into their own pockets.

They do this by issuing fake receipts to drivers.

A man who has experienced this today decided to expose this. Taking to his Facebook wall, he revealed that one Cashier by name Sauda Hassan at the toll booth after the Tema Motorway roundabout issued a motorcycle receipt to a Trotro driver instead of receipt meant for cars.

Read his full post below:

Just last week, Zionfelix Entertainment News made a video on how some of these workers at the toll booths are stealing from the national purse.

Just this morning in a trotro (GT 5090 18, Prampram-Lapaz Car ), just after we crossed the toll booth after the Tema Motorway roundabout, the driver paid the toll and he was just about throwing the paper away when I requested him to give me the paper and to my surprise the Cashier by name Sauda Hassan of Lane: 02ME gave him a motorcycle receipt!

This is sickening to say the least. It is sad how everyone most especially those insulting politicians as corrupt looking for ways of robbing this nation. I mean what is wrong with this our country?”


Fake receipts at tollbooth