Edit and Convert PDF File

PDFBear: Quick and Easy Ways to Edit and Convert Your PDF Files

Did you know that there are online PDF tools that could handle your PDF file management with so much ease and speed? You don’t need to download unnecessary programs or apps to your phone or computer. You don’t want to endanger or risk your devices, do you? Plus, it will save you money compared to buying a PDF tool for your device because this certain online PDF tool is 100% free. You just need your device and the internet, and you’re good to go.

PDFBear offers quick and easy management of your PDF files, from conversion to and from PDF to organizing and optimizing your PDF files. It’s the whole package, you don’t need to download anything except the output file, and you don’t need to register either. With PDFbear, you can easily manage your PDF files for free. It’s easy to navigate, and with the brief and straightforward guidelines, you can do it even without expertise. 

PDFBear’s PDF Converter Tool — Convert to and from PDF

These days, we use PDF as our files’ standard format because some may say PDF is universal. You can access it anytime, anywhere. But we should know that even PDF files have limitations. There are some situations where we need to make changes in our files to edit or make some adjustments. With our files formatted as PDF, we can’t simply do these things, but with the help of PDFBear’s tools, you can easily convert–for instance, with its Word to PDF converter free of charge.

PDFBear offers the conversion of any file to and from PDF. It goes from PowerPoint slides, Excel spreadsheets, image files, and you can have it the other way around. It’s so easy to navigate through PDFBear. When you’re about to start converting, you can read the easy and brief step-by-step instructions of the whole process. Why would you let an expert do it for you when you can do it yourself?

The conversion process is so easy that you don’t need an expert to do it for you. The first thing to do is to upload your file from your device to the conversion box. Then PDFBear’s PDF converter tool will instantly detect the format your file is and will automatically convert it to the format you’d want to convert it to. Wait for the conversion process bar to finish, and when it’s done, you can download the file now, and then if you want, you can furtherly edit or modify the file.

PDFBear’s PDF Merger — Combine PDF files With ease

PDFBear’s PDF Merger lets you combine files with so much ease and convenience. This isn’t just any other PDF merger because PDF bear doesn’t have any complicated merge functions. With PDFBear, you can combine your PDF files into a single document with so much ease. You don’t have to be frustrated with all the complicated merge stuff because PDFBear has its step-by-step instructions to guide you throughout the merge process. Isn’t that convenient?

There are four easy-to-learn and brief steps to merging your PDF files. The first step in the process is to select the file or files you and to merge and then upload it. You can also drag your files and drop them in the box. When you finish uploading your files, PDFBear’s merger will start combining your files into a single document. After the process, you can also edit or modify your file if you wish. Lastly, you can now download and save your merge file now.

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PDFBear’s PDF Split Tool — Split or Separate Your PDF Files 

PDF Bear’s PDF split tool offers splitting or separating a file or certain pages for your file and then making a separate PDF file out of it. There are two options when using the split tool. You can either split your PDF file into single pages or get individual pages from your PDF from the original document. Plus, you can view your PDF file to know what you are splitting, making you see the outline of what you are about to split. 

Splitting or separating pages on your PDF with PDFBear is made easy. The first step is to choose and upload the file that you’re about to split. After the upload, you can choose the pages you want to extract to or from the original PDF. You can choose by clicking on the pages individually. After selecting the pages, you want to separate, click refine, and the split tool will start exporting it into another PDF. After the process, you can now download the newly separated PDF file.

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Converting, merging, and splitting your PDF files with PDFBear is so much easier and more convenient. No need to download any unwanted apps that could harm your device nor register. Just have your file on your device and internet connections, and you can do so much more with PDFBear.