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Watermark Your PDF Files for FREE the PDFBear Way

Ideas and presentations are sometimes hard to come by. Minutes of brainstorming, hours of composition, and preparation for any big day may be some of the most rigorous days and minutes of your life at work. It would be frustrating if your hard work gets stolen or lost without having a way to claim it as yours. It could be a huge problem.

This is how the technology works as it continues to develop. Of course, it is because of the experts who took the time to improve the current state of technology until it becomes what we enjoy today. It is like technology has a never-ending potential and will always maintain its ever-changing and fluid characteristics. 

Protect Yourself and Your Ideas

PDF files commonly contain confidential information or ideas resulting from people’s time and effort. However, there are types of people who do not have an inch of care whether hard work will be gone due to their mischiefs. For this, PDFBear has a feature that can add watermark to PDF free of charge, and with the best quality.

If you already thought of adding a watermark to guard yourself against any threats or attempts to steal your ideas. It is essential to know how to protect and preserve your hours of the thinking process and the results of your sweat and passion. The thief can be anyone around you or your competitor in the market because anything goes.

Once that happens, you do not have any way to say that you own the idea, that it’s stolen. You will sit in your house defeated and depressed. It is expected that you have already tried searching for a way to watermark your PDF files. However, some websites cannot be trusted, while some ask for an amount that cannot be covered by your daily wage. 

So this article will serve as the bringer of good news for you. Because PDFBear is created to help and cover for you. The website’s full service is entirely free, so you do not have to worry about the payment, but do not fret because it will not take advantage of your files and use them for unsolicited purposes like a usual free website. 

When It Comes to Features, Nothing Beats PDFBear

It is a multi-faceted website featuring accessibility, compatibility, affordability, and security aspects that will elevate the Watermarking level a notch higher. Thus, it is committed to creating a haven wherein processes will be done safely and protected against any harmful threats before, during, and after. 

In terms of compatibility, PDFBear as a website can be opened on all kinds of devices possessing major operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. This website can also be accessed using online platforms or search engines such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other popular portals. 

It is already stated above that it is a free website on the part of affordability. It is different on other free sites that prey on the users’ invulnerability and trust by using theirs. PDFBear does not charge any unjustifiable hidden fees under the guise of a free watermarking service. PDFBear assures that from start to finish of the process. The user will not pay anything. 

Lastly, PDFBear can be trusted in the security part that your PDF files will not be used for any other purposes aside from the specified task without your permission. You will be the one uploading the device, so the website will not have any access to your folder in any way. Aside from that, all uploaded files will be deleted automatically within all its servers.

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How to Watermark Your PDF Files

  1. The user only needs to follow the steps specified by PDFBear just below its online toolbox. For phase one of the process, the user will be asked to select the PDF file containing the operation from his device’s folder. Once selected, click ok to submit it to the website or drag the chosen file and drop it to the toolbox.

  2. If you want a text watermark, kindly type the text you want to appear as a watermark or choose a picture from your device folder and upload it to the website if you’re going to go to an image watermark. Select the position you want the watermark to display itself and tap the apply button for the finalization process to kick in.

  3. For the third phase of the process, you need to wait a little more than a few minutes. The process’s length will depend on the PDF file on the process. It considers the number of pages needed to put the watermark and how complicated the watermark design is.

  4. The fourth process is an instruction for the user to download the watermarked PDF file. A generated link will appear after the finalization of changes and can be copied to send various messenger platforms to share with other users. PDFBear also displays a choice to email the PDF immediately to others.


It is crucial to be wary and cautious of online processes because illegal acts commonly happen. With that thought, PDFBear certainly understands the users’ dilemma when it comes to free websites. Nonetheless, PDFBear displays all information you need to know about their privacy policy for your peace of mind.