Simple email authentication: verifying email to send, test spam implied

Simple email authentication: verifying email to send, test spam implied

Be sure to authenticate b2b mail, send to test for no spam issues revealed later. Check out the article telling about great tricks to boost the spam checker email with.

Spam checker email plus top strategies: simple email authentication

We have always preached this: authenticate content before pressing “Send”, test it for spam filter compatibility, care about deliverability purity. It’s also necessary to always remember that a good marketer has to have the whole arsenal of b2b optimization tools and useful strategies. No matter how good your spam checker email is, it will do your campaign little good if the content in use for lead generation hasn’t been properly prepared. Authenticating b2b mail is a necessary part of this preparation and that’s the agenda of the present guide. In short, it’s all about authenticating what you send, test spam implied.

Let’s outline what is going to be analyzed in the article:

-the essence of email authentication process;

-reasons for the importance of carrying it out;

-the benefits of authenticating b2b messages like:

  1. a) a potential deliverability increase;
  2. b) better brand reputation;
  3. c) helping clients recognize the brand better.

Are b2b messages authenticated with just the power of one’s mind? Surely, they aren’t. Those who have been following the blog for a while, should know about the main email authentication mechanisms. Among them are such protocols as DMARC, SPF, DKIM. However, let’s dive into the matter and deal with it all in a more detailed way.

Boosting spam checker email with knowledge: what’s email authentication?

One of the main principles is never to be too lazy to test each email for being authenticated. Deliverability depends on it, shouldn’t it be the greatest motivation? Nevertheless, one can’t but agree that the key to using something properly is in understanding its nature and principles. As soon as this time the thing under analysis is proper email authentication, let’s briefly outline what it is including the main characteristics. Anyway, it’s vital to understand the ways of proper email verification for spam check results to live up to the expectations.

Email authentication is never to be bailed on. It’s any good sender’s remedy against experiencing the ruining of their campaigns. The thing is usually defined as a set of protocols meant to make it easier for marketers and ESPs to differentiate between legitimate and spam e-letters. It’s something different than an email delivery test. Basically, the mentioned protocols are the following: DMARC, SPF, DKIM. With them, it’s possible to be sure that no Internet swindler will be able to act under the disguise of some honest marketer. On the contrary, those using the mentioned protection mechanisms, may have no worries as to whether their emails will be delivered alright.

The importance of proper authentication: achieve better spam checker email results

No matter how many e-letters you send daily, to test for spam and authenticate each is important. But why is such importance given to proper authentication? Let’s address the matter in detail.

1) A great way to improve one’s email’s deliverability. You’ve guessed yourself that this would be the first point to mention, haven’t you? It’s better not to tempt the receiving server to mark your domain as suspicious. That will be the case if it takes too long for the reсipient’s server to mark you as a legitimate user. The quicker the process is, the fewer worries you may have considering whether the emails will be delivered alright.

2) A better brand reputation. There are lots of brands but not all of them are taken into account as trustworthy. As you definitely have guessed, those wanting to see customers’ preference for their product, are never slow to authenticate their content.

3) Better brand awareness. It’s always necessary to be in a constant search for more effective ways of establishing oneself as a certified sender. For instance, one of them can be your seeing to it that the logo is displayed in the prospects’ inboxes. Over time such measures are sure to bring juicy results. You can trust us on this, for in Folderly, which is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins, we know all about the most effective ways of generating as many prospects as possible.

The components of email authentication (spam checker email usage implied)

By the way, we hope that you haven’t forgotten about the importance of using powerful checking services to test content for email delivery rate issues. That should be your primary way to find out at once whether authentication measures need to be taken asap. Cold b2b emailing is a really sensitive thing, you know, that needs constant tweaking. And keeping the situation under the radar is always much easier when you’re aware of what email authentication is made of. Let’s give some attention to this very aspect.

We’ve already mentioned the security protocols that are an integral part of email authentication. SPF, DKIM and the rest of them have corresponding DNS records in their basis. Usually those records are added through creating a special text string. However, the task may turn out an overreach for a b2b novice, so here are some hints:

1) Rely on the ESP. The automatic generation of SPF/DKIM records is a usual thing practiced by major services like Gmail. This will be enough for casual senders but those eager to play rough still need to learn to make the necessary adjustments.

2) Don’t be shy to ask for professional help. It would be wise of you to get an expert familiar with DNS record mechanisms to do the job for you. Save your time for attending to more important matters.

3)  Make use of DNS record generators. There is no longer need for marketers’ manual creation of SPF/DKIM records. A whole bunch of services exist nowadays that are able to perform the instant generation of text strings featuring all the important information about one’s domain.

H2: Besides spam checker email: conclusion on email authentication importance

There’s barely a b2b marketer not valuing sales leads. Anyone who attaches importance to how many clients he wants to have, makes sure that his b2b sale funnel sees leads lured into it as often as possible. Email authentication is not a thing to be bailed on, if you are one of those wise guys.

Let’s quickly sum it up as to what proper authentication requires. It has the main security protocols in its basis. The process of their creation and publishing may present a difficult thing for non-professionals. Thus it’s never a shame to ask for expert help. What you can and should definitely do is to apply your spam email checker so that you could always be aware of how urgent it is to authenticate content.