OCR App - Making Data Digitization has become Easier and Accurate

OCR App – Making Data Digitization has become Easier and Accurate

The last decade has seen a shift from paper proceedings to websites. Businesses develop their website which gives customers ease to contact them and get some knowledge. A website has complete info on what they do and how to contact them. Websites helped in expanding the existing businesses. The reason is a billboard may be seen by a limited number of people who pass by that road, but the online platforms have the advantage of international coverage. It means that a person in Africa can get info about a company in Europe.

This article will be covering the OCR app and the process of data extraction. 

Not only accessing information but businesses also started onboarding new customers through online platforms, online banking is an example. The customers just have to provide the required details and can open their bank accounts. Before this, they have to visit the branch and meet the representative of the bank physically. Both the businesses and customers get the benefits of online onboarding. This saves their time and the work can be done with less effort. 

Then we see a trend of mobile apps, where businesses build their apps like websites. This can be better understood through mobile banking. Now, users do not need to open websites, instead, they can use mobile apps as an alternative. Customers can transfer funds, see the remaining balance and history through mobile apps. Their interface is better, and the notification feature keeps updating users about the latest promotions and messages. 

Like other operations, data extraction is also possible through OCR apps.

OCR Apps: Data digitization through a single click 

Data digitization is the process of acquiring data from paper or a database for storage purposes. Here we will discuss the data extraction process from papers. As data was previously stored in papers and files because it was the only available option. With the advent of technology and computers, businesses begin to use software for data entry and storage. 

There was still an issue of how to digitize hard papers, here comes optical character recognition technology to aid. OCR is the technology that can turn paper into computer editable documents. This was done using online OCR software i.e. websites, but there are also OCR apps in the market. The data can be extracted by clicking a picture of the document.  

The application of OCR apps is widely seen in translation software. This is very helpful where a person needs to translate a paragraph of the newspaper or a book. He can simply click the picture of the required area and upload it to the OCR app. The character recognition technology can understand all types of languages, even the pages having more than one language can be interpreted by it. As OCR fetches data from multilingual documents, the industrial use cases increase.

How are OCR Apps making things easier?

When it comes to data manipulation, we can’t count the benefits of OCR apps.

Fast data entry

A data entry operator will definitely take more time than the OCR scanner apps. Time-saving is one of the primary objectives of businesses, they conduct research on how to cut extra time from their processes. OCR takes no time when fetching data from paper documents. 

Quicker search results 

Not only the data entry but the search has also become fast through OCR solutions. In the file system, one single data search takes hours, still if the data is structured. If the data is unstructured, the time will ultimately increase.  With the digitized data, the search results are available in just seconds. OCR allows searching data from hard papers, making them computer-editable. 

Document Editing

The papers have a limited ability of editing. Rewriting or cutting the words can damage the beauty of the paper. If a bank needs to update the balance of its customers, it will take additional space for writing the balance. In soft documents, the words or sentences can be edited limitlessly. The copy/paste feature gives the ease to duplicate the whole page within seconds.  

Require Less Space

The thousands of paper documents can be saved in just one flash drive. Businesses have to arrange extra space if one is full of papers and files. 


The data extracted through OCR is accessible everywhere through cloud services. 


OCR apps can streamline the business and make the data storage, search and edit easier. It can convert all types of documents into digital papers.