Tips for Retail Businesses to Drive More Traffic with Attractive Signs

Tips for Retail Businesses to Drive More Traffic with Attractive Signs

Retail Signage is now a very important marketing tool that the customers tend to see when they visit your store or pass by your business space. These types of signages can direct the customer traffic within your shop, and if done correctly, it can bring in a lot of attention of customers towards your offerings. However, if done incorrectly, it may also lead to much confusion on your floor.

For any business to effectively draw the customers from and through your store in a way you wish them to, the primary need is to gain some insight into the art of making signs. Here in this article, we will look at some popular types of retail signages and discuss how you may design and set up these in the best possible manner.

Using big fonts

The customers must read your signs clearly from a distance. A recent study by a leading sign design provider showed that smaller signs tend to receive about 75% lesser responses than larger ones. While determining the apt font size for your signs, you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Another major thing to consider while choosing the font is the clarity of the text. You may not be able to reach the desired customers without having clarity in your thoughts. Some types of Italic or cursive fonts may be risky for use in your signage. It all depends on the visibility of the text from the customer’s eye level and making it understandableas to what you need to convey.

User right type of signsto convey the right message

All types of retail signage are not created equal. You need first to understand your objective of the signs to make the right investment into it. It is one of the big choices to make by defining your marketing strategy. You need to think of the various types of signs in light of your business objectives to choose the right ones.

  • Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is meant to make the first impression when a customer passes by your store. Due to this, outdoor signs should be compelling and bright enough to capture instant attention at a glance. This can be done through some humorous texts, but it is also important to show your brand’s value and professionalism.

Interactive displays for businesses have become really important tools nowadays. They have many benefits as they are easy to use and you can utilize them for any kind of business. They are also a powerful presentation tool as they have bright, attention-grabbing imagery and also the businesses using interactive display systems, will have a business efficiency.

  • Directional signs

A directional sign is a type of indoor signage which helps customers on your floor to navigate through your premises. Parking signs are also an example of directional signage.You fix these signs on the floor or hang them from the ceiling to easily visible when the customerswalk through the storage space or during reverse parking on the parking lot. Here, the objective of the Signage is not to attract the users but to help them with proper directions to do things right.

Similarly, there are promotional science and also digital signage for advertising purposes. You need to do a thorough evaluation of your baseline needs for signs to understand which signage category is required and the best practices to follow in making the same.