How to prepare for starting a print on demand business?

How to prepare for starting a print on demand business?

Low start-up cost, no investment for inventory, and complete flexibility in developing a business without worrying about securing large orders are great incentives for starting a print on demand business. Added to these is the ease of doing business without any concern about shipping the products. The third party that does the printing takes responsibility for order fulfillment.  You can draw inspiration from the Top custom sweaters Canada which are products of the print on demand business that has some creative brains behind it.

Although it is easy to start a print on demand business, you should never take it lightly, as we often tend to make mistakes with the easiest sums just because of our casual approach.  Print on Demand means business as usual and demands your attention and devotion like any other business. The only difference is that it does not pose the challenges normally faced in other businesses.

To start your print on demand business on a steady note, follow the guidelines discussed below.

 Do not offer more than five color variants

Although you might create several designs for your sweaters, stick only to the designs that customers like the most. For example, chose 2-3 designs and mix and match with different colors to create different effects. Although more variations you offer will indeed encourage customers to spend more and increase your profits, restrict the options at some optimal level. Giving too many choices will only confuse customers who will find it difficult to make a firm selection.

 Set aside some money or have your credit card ready

When starting a print on demand business, it takes time for the revenue to start flowing and reach your bank, although sales might be instantaneous. This happens due to the online store’s business process that you set up a Shopify or other platform and the print on Demand Company. Except for opening an account with the print on demand company, there is no transactional interface with them. When a customer places an order for a sweater from your store, you receive the money through the gateway used by your chosen selling platform.  Placement of an order triggers a signal to the print on Demand Company that begins the process of order fulfillment and simultaneously charges your credit card registered with the account. However, it can take at least 21 days or more for the payment to reach your account. Meanwhile, you must have money of credit card ready to keep the show running.

Be careful about copyrights

While you should normally rely on your creative ideas to create unique designs, sometimes you can draw inspiration from other designs that you see around. But that is the most that you can do, and never try to copy any design that can tantamount to copyright infringement. Since you are using your creativity for business, you must protect yourself from legal hassles that might even arise unknowingly. Of course, there might be some remote similarities between the design features, but you can avoid making it a case of copying with proper tweaking.

Bank on lifestyle images

General mock-ups fall out of favor as soon as you offer customers lifestyle photos on a white background that is highly appealing and the best way to enhance engagement by attracting more customers.  Some online services are available that are rich resources for lifestyle photos featuring real models.  Choose the photos that suit your product because the photos used on sweaters will not be the same that those would use on coffee mugs.  By uploading your design on any of the models of your choice, you can start using the resource that stimulates your creativity. Ensure that the lifestyle photos you choose have some relation to your design, or else they will look completely out of sorts.

Design must be versatile

The success of your business depends on the timely expansion of your product portfolio. Although you might have tasted good success by designing sweaters, explore how best you can use the design on some other item like hoodies or T-shirts.  The chances are that the design becomes popular when printed on T-shirts, and it starts a new stream of revenue without any extra efforts in creating new designs. However, you must have a fair idea about the workability of the design because there is no guarantee that what worked well for sweaters will work well for T-shirts too.

Since the print of demand business does not stipulate any minimum order quantity, you can experiment with a few pieces to see how the transposition of design works. If it fails to generate the desired response, you can quickly come out from it and focus on something else without incurring losses.

But do not stop experimenting while creating new designs that become the stepping stones for the future. If you want to know more about starting a business, you can find relevant information at