Marijuana Use and Exercise: Myths and Facts of Cannabis and Fitness

Over 30 million pounds of cannabis are produced in the United States each year. This is because marijuana use is at an all-time high throughout our fine nation.

All that top-grade marijuana can get you high, but if used the right way it can also benefit your workout routine.

The stereotypical mythos of the “lazy stoner” who sits around all day is now history. Read on to separate fact from fiction when it comes to marijuana and exercise.

Fact: Marijuana Affects Your Mind

Smoking marijuana gets you “high” which is, in essence, a distorted version of the sober perspective. Being high affects cannabis users in a variety of different ways.

Some people find this high to be relaxing, others may find it invigorating or inspirational. A lot depends on the strain of marijuana you consume and whether it is Indica or Sativa.

If marijuana is consumed in excess it may produce an anxiety-riddled or paranoia-inducing high in users as well. For this reason, any marijuana consumption should be done with responsibility and in moderation.

Whatever way you slice the pie, marijuana affects your mind. In the case of incorporating it as part of your fitness routine, this can be useful in a variety of different ways.

For instance, marijuana can increase your endurance by relaxing your mind. This subdues boredom sustained through repetitive actions.

Marijuana can also make exercising/participating in physical activities more entertaining.

The added dynamic of a different mental perspective can make the otherwise mundane activity new and exciting. This is a great perspective change for the stoned participant.

Fact: Marijuana Heightens Creativity

If your fitness activity of choice involves some degree of creativity, marijuana can make it more enjoyable.

For instance, many freestyle action sports require creativity. This includes things like skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.  Creativity is paramount to progressing to the next level of these activities and developing a style.

Marijuana can change your perspective. This helps you look at skatepark features, mountain terrain, or a wave differently than you do while sober. This can inspire creativity and lead to the progression of new maneuvers.

Fact: Marijuana Use Can Inspire Flow

Even for conventional sports and workout routines marijuana can help you find the right headspace to go that extra mile.

“Getting in the zone” is a term many athletes and fitness gurus use to describe the ideal mindset. The right mindset increases physical and mental performance during physical activity.

This mindset is best described by world-renowned positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He writes about it in detail throughout his “Flow Think Theory“.

In short, this theory describes “flow” as the ideal state. One in which you are completely engrossed in an action where nothing else matters to you.

The action has your undivided attention. Engaging in it balances your level of aptitude with the challenge of completing it.

Anyone who has run more than a few miles knows the feeling of a “runner’s high” where you are completely engrossed in the act of running. This would be a prime example of flow.

Unfortunately for many athletes and exercise buffs, turning off the internal monologue of thoughts in your head can be hard. This makes engaging in your chosen physical activity without any distractions difficult.

Marijuana can help by relaxing your mind and getting you to focus on the exercise/sport at hand. This is conducive to flow-think and therefore your fitness routine.

Myth: Marijuana Makes You Lazy

Everyone has seen the inaccurate propaganda commercials on television portraying marijuana users as lazy couch potatoes.

While there are glimmers of truth to this ignorant stereotype, only Indica dominant strains will make you feel relaxed and lazy.

Sativa-dominant strains can have the opposite effect and provide you with an ample energy boost great for any workout.

Myth: Marijuana Is Bad For Your Health

Marijuana has long been scapegoated as a substance that is derogatory to your health. It wasn’t until more recent times that the scientific community began to accept the many health benefits of marijuana.

CBD in particular, one of the many active cannabinoids found in marijuana, is starting to gain a lot of traction in the healthcare community. Experts agree that it provides many health benefits for users.

While marijuana smoking may cause damage to your respiratory tract, if you consume it in other ways it may be good for your health, not bad.

Fact: Quality of Marijuana Matters

If you are thinking about incorporating marijuana into your wellness routine, don’t settle for an inferior product. Top-quality marijuana is free from chemicals and other additives.

Avid fitness enthusiasts that want the most healthy lifestyle possible should always pursue the highest grade of marijuana. You want weed with lab-tested results.

You need marijuana that is free from harmful toxins or unnatural chemicals. Make sure that you buy your marijuana from a reputable distributor that can vouch for its quality.

Find out more about where to get the best marijuana and what strains work best for you before incorporating it into your fitness routine.

There are many different strains to choose from and each has its unique effects. Find out what ones agree with you most and provide you with the desired effect you are looking for to heighten your workout experience.

Don’t smoke an intense Indica if you want to feel energetic. Don’t smoke a very mentally stimulating Sativa if you are looking to recover after a vigorous workout.

Finding out what strains of marijuana work best for your unique workout takes a bit of trial and error.

However, no matter what strains you decide on using, make sure that they are of the highest quality to maximize their effectiveness and preserve your health.

Smoke Weed and Get Outside

Marijuana use and an active lifestyle go hand in hand. From helping your wind down after a vigorous workout, to getting you in the zone so you can crush that extra 10-mile run, marijuana can help your fitness goals.

Know how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to marijuana information. Use the logic in this article to help develop your fitness routine incorporating marijuana today. For all your other great info, check out our site!