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Living In Melbourne – An Overview On The Possible Cost Of Living 

Melbourne has become one of the largest places in Australia with enviable lifestyles and also for the best culture, art, history, food, and environment. With so many perks in the place, you can expect the cost of living to vary from the other locations in Melbourne.

People relocate from one location to another within Melbourne. There are many moving companies that cater local removals in the city. They offer 3 or 2 Men And A Van Melbourne packages to their customer, which can be customized as per their convenience.

The beauty of Melbourne 

Melbourne takes pride in being surrounded by many natural beauties such as Yarra River, Yarra Ranges National Park, Port Philip Bay harbor, and many other such factors. As we know that it is located in the southern part of Australia, it is truly famous for its beautiful culture, art, food, and lifestyle.

Melbourne is a metropolis that is both complex and multi-faceted and offers many options in the world of apartments and houses for both renting and purchasing. It not only offers the best lifestyle, but will also make it possible for the residents to handle their day-to-day expenses with the budget that they can afford.

Overview on the Expenses 

Here is an overview of the possible costs of residing in Melbourne.

  • If you prefer a 1-bedroom apartment for rent in the centre of the city, then you can expect the rent to fall between $1700 and $1800 based on the type of apartment that you choose and its location.
  • The possible charge for a 3-bedroom apartment for rent in the city centre are $3400, depending on which area its location.
  • You can expect the rent for an apartment to be $1400 or $1450 in the regional locations or suburb parts of Melbourne
  • The apartments that are available for rent will cost you around $2300 in the localities such as the suburb or regional part of Melbourne.

Once you finalise an apartment for rent, the next factor to consider is the charges for some basic amenities such as electricity, heating, cable, internet, garbage facility, water, and so on. Here are some approximate values for such basic amenities in Melbourne.

  • $200 to $250 per month charges for electricity, water, heating, and garbage.
  • $5 per month for public transport one-way tickets and the monthly ticket charges will charge you around $160.

Expected salary in Melbourne 

You can expect a salary of $5100 per month. The figure may go down to $4800 based on the job. You can decide the locality to look for an apartment based on the salary that your job fetches you. You need to understand that the salary should not only cover the monthly rent but also the additional charges in the form of the basic amenities, food, and so on.

Just like in any other cities, Melbourne also hosts farmers’ markets in many areas. You can make a habit of visiting these markets and getting fresh vegetables and groceries for affordable prices. Plan everything and look for the best options.