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Learning the Basic Rules of Firearm Safety

Did you know about one percent of gun injuries or deaths in the US occur due to accidental firing? Some cases involve firing at someone a person didn’t immediately recognize. Other cases involve unintentionally squeezing the trigger.

This means you can lower the rate even further by following the basic rules of firearm safety. Simply following these rules can keep you and others safe, even with regular firearm use.

Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back when it comes to gun safety. Continue reading this list below to learn the most important firearm safety rules:

Treat It Like A Loaded Firearm

The first rule of firearm safety is to treat every gun as a loaded weapon. Even when you know there’s no magazine or ammunition in the gun, never point it at someone. Never squeeze the trigger for fun.

Point Your Gun In A Safe Direction

When your gun is in the holster, it should always point down.

As soon as you remove it from the holster, stay mindful of where you point it. Always check if that direction is clear before you raise the gun. This ensures no one gets hurt in case of an unintentional discharge.

Secure A Permit

Never use a firearm without training and safety certification.

Sign up for a firearm safety class and learn the basics from a professional. Make sure you work with someone who has the training, experience, and right licenses. Start by getting a concealed weapons permit here.

Trigger Finger Placement

Yes, most modern guns feature a trigger guard. This is where a person rests their trigger finger before firing. However, you shouldn’t keep your finger there (or on the trigger itself) until you are sure it’s time to fire.

Keeping your finger off the trigger and trigger guard prevents you from squeezing the trigger by accident. Even a disciplined person might accidentally fire a gun, especially if they slip or get surprised.

Be Sure Of Your Target

Never aim and fire until you can verify who or what you’re shooting. Verify your target before even raising the gun. You might mistake a friend or relative for a burglar or wild animal, after all.

Follow The Basic Rules of Firearm Safety

Now you know the basic rules of firearm safety. Follow these gun safety rules as your life depends on it because it does! These rules will also help guarantee the safety of the people around you.

Treat every gun as a loaded weapon, stay mindful of where you point, and keep your finger off the trigger. Take a class and never aim and fire until you can verify your target.

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