10 Common Divorce Filing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In America, a couple files for divorce every 36 seconds.

Most of these people filing for divorce can’t wait to get out of a bad marriage. They feel that the marriage is suffocating their happiness and making them miserable. Others feel betrayed and want to move as far away as possible from their partners.

Due to the emotional turmoil, most of these people make fatal errors that they regret later.

So, how do you avoid this pitfall?

Read on to discover ten common divorce filing mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Representing Yourself

Most people automatically assume that because it’s not mandatory to hire a Divorce Lawyer, they don’t need one. They argue that hiring a lawyer is an unnecessary cost, especially if it’s an uncontested divorce. Yet, failing to involve an attorney can quickly become a disaster.

The reason is that you and your spouse have limited family law knowledge. So, you’re likely to make errors that you regret later. Besides, you’re risking everything for a contested divorce when you choose to represent yourself.

So, it’s smart to involve the best divorce attorney near you to do things right. You want to find a legal expert who’ll advise you on how to expedite the divorce process. Besides, your divorce attorney will ensure you get a favorable outcome that meets your needs.

2. Withholding Material Information

To get a favorable divorce settlement, some people withhold material information in their marriage certificate request letter.
. They think that divulging this information it’ll hurt their case. And that’s why some of these people even lie in court.

The problem is that you’re only making things worse for yourself by committing perjury. That’s why it’s wise to disclose all key information to your divorce attorney. Your lawyer will then advise you on the material things to disclose during the divorce proceedings.

You want to be open and transparent to expedite the divorce filing process.

3. Sharing Divorce Proceeding on Social Media

Most likely, you’ve been sharing details of your bad marriage with your friends on social media who encouraged you to consider divorce. Now that you’ve finally made the bold move to file for divorce, it’s tempting to share the details on social media. Most likely, you’re seeking moral support from your friends.

However, sharing sensitive divorce proceeding information on social media is unethical. Understand some social media posts can hurt your divorce settlement if you’re not careful. That’s you must control the temptation to share your divorce proceeding on social media.

You want to limit the number of people you involve in the divorce process, thereby minimizing external forces.

4. Involving the Kids in the Ugly Divorce Fights

Some people fight dirty and involve their kids in the wrong ways to win the divorce battle. They use the kids’ trauma as leverage to get what they want. The problem is that although you think that this is a minor ordeal, it can traumatize your kids for a long time.

If you’re not careful, your kids may develop serious emotional problems which affect their happiness. Besides, the trauma from the divorce may make it hard for your kids to socialize and form relationships when they grow up. That’s why you must do everything within your power to shield your kids from divorce trauma.

You and your spouse consider talking with your kids to make them understand it’s not their fault. Reaffirm your love to them and assure them that you’ll continue to be their parent despite breaking up. Besides, do your best to avoid bad-mouthing each other in front of your kids during the divorce process.

5. Letting Emotions Run the Show

It’s human to feel hurt during your divorce proceeding, making you want to exert revenge on your partner. You want them too to experience the pain you’re going through. And that’s why you feel like derailing the divorce process for long as possible to make them feel anguish.

Yet, letting your emotions run the show only makes things hard for you. Yes, you may think you’re punishing your spouse by refusing to sign the divorce papers, but this also makes you suffer. Understand that the more you derail the divorce filing process, the longer it’ll take you to start healing.

Therefore, you should consider hiring a divorce lawyer to help you manage your emotions. The idea is to rely on your attorney’s counsel when making decisions that impact the divorce process. So, you want to find an attorney who’ll help you think rationally and ensure that emotions don’t cloud your judgment.

6. Signing the Divorce Papers Without Reading Them

Most people are too eager to get out of a bad marriage, and that’s why they sign divorce papers without reading them. They feel that reading the divorce documents will tempt them to contest certain things. So, all they ask is where to sign these documents hoping to move on as soon as possible.

Later, these people regret when they discover they agreed to an unfavorable divorce settlement. Some of these people sign agreement that stipulates they’ll be paying a huge alimony amount. Others sign divorce papers where they relinquish the ownership of their most valuable assets.

Before signing it, carefully read the divorce agreement to avoid falling into this pitfall. Also, if you’re unsure about a given clause on this agreement, consult a divorce attorney.

7. Failing to Create an Asset Inventory

Most people file for a divorce without first creating an asset inventory. The problem is that the asset inventory is one of the vital documents for divorce. Without this document, it’ll take you a long time to complete the divorce process.

That’s why you need to take time to write down all the assets you and your spouse own. You need to focus past your joint bank account and house. The idea is to include all your key assets, which you’ll discuss how to distribute during the divorce proceedings.

Hiring a divorce lawyer is one easy trick for knowing the key things to add to asset inventory. The attorney will direct you know the common assets people forget to add and ensure you include them. Also, the lawyer will help you know the difference between marital and non-marital property.

8. Concealing Assets

To minimize the risk of losing assets during a divorce, some people choose to hide them. They do this by gifting the assets to their friends or registering them under another name. The problem is when the court discovers that you have concealed assets.

When this happens, you’ll face hefty fines or even jail time. That’s why you need to overcome the temptations to hide assets during a divorce. Consult your attorney on all material assets to add to disclose.

9. Engaging in Wasteful Spending

Some people engage in wasteful spending to reduce the share of assets your spouse takes after a divorce. They withdraw a huge amount from their joint account and spend it on frivolous things. Some use this money to gamble, whereas others host extravagant parties with hopes of getting rid of this money fast.

Although it sounds logical to engage in wasteful spending during a divorce, understand that this only hurts your case. For one, this will prolong the divorce process. Besides, if your spouse can prove wasteful spending, you’re in trouble.

That’s why you need to fight the temptation to make huge withdrawals from your joint account during a divorce. If you feel entitled to this money, use the available legal channels to fight for it. So, consider hiring a divorce lawyer to help you get a fair asset share.

10. Fighting for the Wrong Things

The other mistake people make filing for divorce is focusing on the wrong things. These people drag on the divorce proceeding by fighting for things they don’t need. Most of the time, they want these things as a means to hurt their spouse.

These people’s main strategy is win-lose, and some are even willing to take a lose-lose settlement. Their target is to ensure that their spouse doesn’t win, no matter the cost. The problem is that after the divorce, these people regret their decisions.

So, as you file for a divorce, shift your focus to the things that matter the most to you. If possible, strive to come up with a win-win divorce settlement.

Expedite Things by Avoiding Common Divorce Filing Mistakes

To get a fair outcome and expedite things, you must avoid the above divorce filing mistakes. So, learn how to file for divorce properly by involving the top attorney. Also, disclose all material information and avoid the temptations to hide assets.

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