Jose Mourinho makes an honest assessment of Todd Boehly Chelsea takeover
Jose Mourinho makes an honest assessment of Todd Boehly Chelsea takeover

Jose Mourinho makes an honest assessment of Todd Boehly Chelsea takeover 

Chelsea announced on their official website on Saturday morning that The Todd Boehly led Consortium had been given the green light by the UK Government to purchase Chelsea.

The Club said the sale is expected to complete in late May subject to all necessary regulatory approvals.

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho believes Chelsea will always be a big Club despite the Club going through a tough process to get a new owner.

Jose Mourinho also claims the takeover process affected the team’s performance on the pitch.

Chelsea is currently third on the Premier League table and fears losing out on a Champions League spot after winning only one match in five Premier League games.

What did Mourinho say?

Speaking of Sky Sports, Jose Mourinho said: “Of course, it is a difficult moment, and you can even feel it at football level because they lost that level of excellence and stability — but it’s the moment, it’s the moment.

“If you ask me, ‘do you have somebody that I would love to take over from my Chelsea?’ Let’s say that – yes, I have, but I close my mouth.

“I just know that the club reached such a level that it doesn’t matter who it is with, Chelsea will always be big and my house will always be 200 meters away from the Stadium. I want to keep listening to the sound of happiness and success, and I’m sure it will be like that.”

Rio Ferdinand apologized to Jose Mourinho after the England international criticized Jose Mourinho during his time at Manchester United.

Jose Mourinho was the first manager to win a major trophy for Manchester United since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013.

The Portuguese told old beIN Sports in 2019 after his dismissal that his second-place finish was ‘one of the best jobs of my career because of issues ‘behind the scenes that people were not aware of.

However, Rio Ferdinand believes Jose Mourinho was right to criticize the Club’s officials and deserves more recognition for what he did at Manchester United.

Speaking on his Vibe with FIVE YouTube show, Ferdinand said: ‘I think Jose Mourinho’s quote has aged so, so well. And me for one, I would apologize maybe to some extent in terms of the way you kind of looked at him and judged him.

‘I still think there were flaws in some of the ways he handled people and handled some of the situations that he was involved in.

‘But in terms of looking behind the scenes, that [quote] he said in 2019 on finishing second in the Premier League, that has aged so well.

‘We can see that there’s been stuff going on that’s wrong behind the scenes, but at that time we didn’t know the extent of it. Obviously, Jose Mourinho did.

‘He wanted to get rid of numerous players and he wanted to bring in certain players, and obviously big wages and contracts were handed out to certain players and he’s thinking, “Woah, Woah, Woah, what’s going on?!”

‘He could see the flaws in certain individuals, he could see the flaws in the way the club was set up, he wanted to change things and he wasn’t probably afforded that.

‘Listen, I’d love to have half-an-hour talking to Jose just about his time there, just to work out where he was at with a bit more detail than we’ve actually ever seen, and then gauge it to where we are now – that would be very insightful.’