Rio Ferdinand criticize Ralf Rangnick for publicly calling out Manchester United issues
Rio Ferdinand criticize Ralf Rangnick for publicly calling out Manchester United issues

Rio Ferdinand criticize Ralf Rangnick for publicly calling out Manchester United issues

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has slammed Manchester United interim coach Ralf Rangnick for publicly calling out Manchester United’s problems.

The German coach has been known for his bold and honest responses when answering questions at press conferences and those not shy calling out star players and pointing out the main issues.

The Manchester United interim manager who will take up a consultancy role next season when Erik Ten Hag resumes work as the substantive manager has been criticizing the club’s recruitment to bemoaning his players’ athleticism and defending.

However, Roi Ferdinand believes Ralf Rangnick should be banned from addressing the media and stop washing the Club’s dirty laundry in public.

What was said?

Speaking on his Vibe with FIVE YouTube show, the Manchester United Legend said:‘I don’t agree with the way that he’s airing the dirty laundry in public while he’s still in the hot seat, while he’s still in there.

‘It’s nice sometimes for fans, you want to get a bit of insight, but there’s information that he’s letting out [that he shouldn’t be]. You’re still in the job, man, relax, and have some respect for the people around you.

‘Make waves behind the scenes. Push and pull and jostle for positions and outcomes behind the scenes with people. I’ve said this for a couple of weeks now, he’s saying a lot of stuff to almost distance himself from responsibility. But he has to accept some responsibility that the team has gotten worse since he’s been in there.’

He continued: ‘For all the great work he’s done at previous clubs, a lot of that was recruitment and bringing players in. He’s been brought in to be a manager and manage this team and navigate them to Champions League football. He’s failed in that department, and that’s undeniable.

‘But then he’s shifting blame all over the place and that’s the bit that really I find a little bit distasteful.’
Ferdinand believes the Club’s top officials speak with Ralf Rangnick about the way and manners he conducts himself at press conferences.

Rio Ferdinand continued:‘He was brought in as a consultant first and foremost, and then to do the stuff in the changing room, but with the long-term thinking that he will be behind the scenes working out what is needed for this squad from a recruitment perspective.

‘He’s offering up names and certain talents that he feels would have a huge impact immediately, short-term and long-term, and he’s not being backed – and I think that’s where his frustration lies. He mentioned Luis Diaz, and Dusan Vlahovic who went to Juventus, but [United] didn’t move, he said the board declined the moves because they’re waiting for the summer.

‘I think his impatience with that and his frustrations are being born out in his interviews now. I’ll be honest, if I was the club I wouldn’t allow him to do another press conference.

‘I don’t want that stuff out in the media. If I were the person who’s running the club, I’d be saying: “Talk to us and we’ll work it out.

You might not agree with what I’m saying but you’re employed by us, these are the rules, stay within the boundaries.”
‘At the moment, he’s saying stuff and I’m sure the people behind the scenes are raising their eyebrows every time there’s a press conference.’