How to Start an Online Casino [2021 Guide]

With the legalization of online gambling in many countries and states, many millions are trying their luck at winning some extra money from their computers and smartphones.

Online gambling makes it possible for people to place bets much more frequently, from almost anywhere that they have an internet connection. There is a lot of money being wagered online these days.

Wondering what the best way to capitalize on this market shift is? It’s not gambling and trying to outsmart other players. It’s becoming the casino.

If you can learn how to start an online casino of your own, you can make a handsome income. Everyone knows that the house always wins. Whether you operate a physical casino or an internet-based casino, the same holds true.

Keep reading to learn about online casino business opportunities and what starting an online casino entails.

Write an Online Casino Business Plan

Every new business, regardless of industry, needs a business plan. These can be as long and complex as you want, or they can be short and sweet.

Either way, they provide a framework that you need in order to actually make progress on your business venture. Here’s what to include in the plan.

Choose Your Focus

There are many different forms of online gambling. Some websites focus on online slot machines and other virtual games.

Other casinos will specialize in table games like poker or blackjack, where players can play against one another. And still, others focus on sports betting and racing.

The most successful online casinos are those that specialize in just one or two areas, as opposed to trying to be all things to all people. At least, in the beginning, choose a single area of focus.

Define Your Target Customer

People living in poverty and people living in mansions both like to gamble. It’s something that many people have in common.

However, you can’t market your online casino to both types of people in the same way. You need to decide on a target customer and market specifically to them. Only then can your message be heard amongst all the other noise of marketing and advertising.

If you offer sports betting, are you focused on young, single, twenty-somethings? Or are you targeting middle-aged men with income to spare?

Determine Your Marketing Strategies

Once you know what type of gambling you plan to offer, and who exactly your target customer is, you can define your marketing strategies. You just need to find out where your target audience is spending time and focus your efforts on those platforms.

That might mean social media advertisements. It might mean strategically placed billboards. Or it might mean radio or TV ads.

Get an Online Gambling License

The first real step you need to take when starting an online casino is getting a license. Have the proper certification in place provides reassurance to your players that they aren’t getting scammed.

Licenses ensure that there are legitimate payouts to winners, and thus that your casino is a legitimate business. Licenses and requirements vary from state to state. And only a certain number of states even allow online gambling.

Be sure to research your state’s business license and gambling requirements. If necessary, you may need to relocate your business to a state that allows online gambling.

On top of a gambling license, there are plenty of other certifications and legal documents you are going to need to make your business legitimate. Regarding website use, you’re going to need a customized term of use document, along with a privacy policy.

You’ll need a FEIN or federal tax identification number. Depending on your goals, you may want to set up a corporation or limited liability company to protect your personal assets. And you’re going to want to have business insurance in place, specifically catered to an online casino.

Get Funded

Wondering what the cost of starting an online casino is? It all depends on what you plan to offer to your players and how unique you want it to be.

If you are building everything from scratch, you could need tens of thousands of dollars or more. Or, if you are looking to leverage software and gambling technology that already exists, you might only need a few thousand dollars to get up and running.

Either way, that money needs to come from somewhere. With a business plan in hand, you may be able to secure a loan or an outside investment to provide your startup capital.

However, as an online casino, it may be more difficult to receive funding than more traditional businesses.

Of course, you can do your best to save up the money you need in advance. Otherwise, you can sell off personal assets or stocks. Or take loans from friends and family if you need to.

How to Start an Online Casino; Build a Website

Now it’s time to finally put your hand to the plow. You need to build out your website. And it’s far more complex than a simple restaurant website or even an online store.

When it comes to gambling online, whether it’s virtual slots or sports betting, your website is the player’s dashboard. It needs to offer tons of functionality for thousands if not, millions of players.

Unless you are an expert programmer, this is where the bulk of your cost is going to go. You’ll need a professional, reliable, safe website built with all the custom functions your players need.

On top of creating a website that players can log into, you’ll need a way for players to place bets. When it comes to sports betting, for example, you need to give them options of how to place bets.

You will need sportsbook software, such as the software from to fuel the actual betting. The beauty of software like this is that you don’t have to build it from scratch on your own.

You can integrate into your business and website and leverage the industry-leading support that already exists for this form of online gambling.

Get Started With a Plan

Now that you know how to start an online casino of your own, it’s time to take action. Start writing out your business plan today so that you have a blueprint in front of you.

When you have a plan, you can actually make progress towards your goals and build your business. Without a plan, well, you aren’t going very far.

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