Install AC

Is It Hard To Install an AC?

There is no other way around it—you need an air conditioner during the summer season. The sweltering heat experienced in this season is very uncomfortable and you cannot depend on your windows for ventilation. You need to have a system in place to help in cooling your home.

Depending on the house or apartment you live in, there are different air conditioner options that you can use. These options include:

  • Portable air conditioner
  • Split air conditioner
  • Window air conditioner
  • Central air conditioner

However, regardless of the air conditioner model you choose in your home, there is one big challenge to overcome—installation. All these AC units, apart from portable and window air conditioners, are hard to install, meaning it’s not everybody’s job to install them.

Almost everyone knows window air conditioners—but that’s most probably because of the disturbances of installing and uninstalling them out of the window numerous times every year. Split air conditioners, on the other hand, are more convenient, but rarer. For central air conditioners, they require an extensive setup, but they are not nearly undetectable after their installation. 

With that said, AC installation is an essential part of owning an air conditioner. And, although AC installation is a job that any DIY enthusiast can do, it’s not an easy job. Here are a few factors that make AC installation hard. 

Electrical hazards

According to the AC replacement technicians from Hartman, your air conditioner is connected to a high-voltage power outlet, which can cause serious injury or death. So, if you don’t have any experience in electrical installation, you should avoid attempting AC installation—this is the safest option for you. Also, there is a chance that you can damage your air conditioner unit as you mess around with the system’s wiring. Now, a short circuit can affect the electrical power supply in your home or even lead to costly damage to your appliances. 

Troubleshooting is not an easy task

Whether you are electrically or mechanically inclined, you must understand how your AC unit operates, as well as its specifics. This is important, as it can help you to troubleshoot the system in case a problem occurs during installation. There is a chance that you might experience problems during your DIY AC installation that requires immediate attention. Without the proper training, you might not know where to or how to look for the problem. However, professional AC technicians are trained to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with AC systems during installation. 

You can damage your unit

AC units are very complex, and installing them without the necessary training is a recipe for disaster. Yes, you might think that you are doing the right thing. However, installing an AC when you are not experienced can affect the performance of efficiency of the unit. Also, the whole process can be time-consuming, because you will keep on referring to manuals and other documents to make sure that you get the job right. However, hiring an expert to do the installation can help you save valuable time, and get the job done correctly. 

You risk voiding your warranty

Renowned AC manufacturers normally issue a warranty when purchasing a new AC system. The main reason behind this is to protect the customer from any costs related to the system’s failure or malfunction. Mostly, these warranties require installation, part replacement, and inspections by certified AC professionals. 

So, trying to install AC on your own can breach the terms of the warranty. That means, in case your AC system breaks down or causes any sort of damage to your property, the manufacturer will not be liable for such damages or offer replacement or repairs to the system for free. Therefore, you will be forced to hire an AC repair technician to do the job.

All in all, certain DIY AC installations are not recommended, unless one has sufficient experience in handling air conditioning systems. Yes, you can install a portable or window air conditioner. However, installing a central or split AC required someone with good knowledge about these systems.

AC installation requires the right training and equipment

Some complex AC systems like central or split AC systems have lots of wiring, parts, and refrigerants, among others. That means, only trained AC professionals know how to handle these parts safely for the system to function efficiently once installed. Professional AC technicians have the right tools, training, experience, and certification, meaning they know the ins and out of these systems. Besides, they have the right sets of equipment and tools needed to install AC systems. 

Bottom Line

Now you understand that AC installation, especially splitter and central air conditioners is not an easy job. Therefore, you will need to hire a contractor to help you in installing your system to avoid unwanted inconveniences. And, when it comes to AC installation contractors, it’s important to understand that contractors are different. Therefore, you need to take your time to research in order to make sure that you have found an experienced and competent contractor. At the end of the day, you should settle for a contractor who has your best interest in their mind.