International Foundation Preparatory programs for students

International Foundation Preparatory programs for students

Admission to a British university requires special training, both documentary and academic. Universities in the UK accept international students only with those secondary education diplomas that correspond to the British A-level or international IB diploma. Therefore, school graduates of many foreign countries, are obliged to provide a certificate for one of the preparatory programs. The options include International Foundation Program, A-level, IB. In this article, we will touch on the Foundation preparatory program, which was developed for international students to enter universities in the UK. These programs are not easy, so as a student I required some help from qualified tutors who could write my paper for me.

What is the Foundation program and how does it differ from an A-level or an international IB diploma?

The International Foundation program is a 1-year preparatory course designed for international students. The main goal of the program is to teach students English in the context of specific disciplines in the future course of a student at a university in the UK.

The preparatory program is a kind of foundation for the subsequent accumulation of knowledge on the bachelor’s program. Studying this program allows international students to avoid 2 years of A-level study and prepare for admission much faster. 7 Foundation certificates that are issued after graduation are an international document that is recognized by all British universities.

In most cases, the International Foundation is focused on international students. Since the training program is conducted for only one year, after which, successful completion of final exams guarantees admission to any university in the UK. Usually, the course of the International Foundation program is designed for students aged 16 or 17 who already have a certificate of secondary education. Passing this program allows you to make the foreign secondary education equivalent to the British one. To standardize education, it is necessary to take an additional study course, which is the International Foundation program.

Why should I study in the preparatory program at the University of the United Kingdom International Foundation?

Doing this program is important because:

  • The student improves his English to the level necessary for studying at the university;
  • The student adapts to the British education system and the form of study at universities in the UK;
  • The program provides an opportunity to master specialized scientific disciplines that will be studied at the university in the future;

The International Foundation program is based on the study of academic English and the study of selective disciplines. At the same time, the student is adapting to the British education system and the peculiarities of teaching and learning at Universities in the UK.

The main advantages of the International Foundation program

Among the main advantages of the program, I would like to highlight the following:

  • Duration of training: The International Foundation offers short-term intensive training from 9 months to 1 year. At the same time, none of the stages of preparation and complexity of training are missed;
  • The opportunity to complete a preparatory program and 1 course in one year.
  • Obtaining a certificate that is required by universities for admission to the 1st year;
  • The cost of training is much lower than the cost of studying at the A-level or IB program.
  • Of course, the biggest advantages are the cost of training and the duration of the program, which significantly distinguishes the International Foundation Diploma from A-level or IB.

Where the International Foundation program is held

Since the International Foundation program is a fairly long preparatory course, specialized educational institutions are engaged in training within the framework of this program. There are several such educational institutions:

  • Boarding schools or British secondary private schools;
  • International colleges;
  • University preparatory centers;
  • Language schools

In most cases, the difference in the centers is displayed in the price. The cheapest training programs will be at language centers and English language schools in the UK, more expensive programs based on university campuses, and the most expensive training under the International Foundation program, of course, in boarding schools.

Basic requirements for students who want to enroll in the International Foundation program

The preparatory program has strict requirements for the admission of students. Applicants must provide certificates of secondary education, as well as pass IELTS.

Among the minimum requirements, the following should be noted:

  • The minimum age is 16 years
  • Certificates for international language exams. IELTS 4,5 – 5,0;
  • Certificate of completed secondary education;
  • High average score;

It is also important to take into account the following facts about the preparatory program:

  • The beginning of training on the program: January, September
  • Duration of training: from 6 months to 1 year
  • The cost of training in the preparatory program: from 12,000 pounds per year

The characteristics of the preparatory program 

Of course, the most important question that our students ask concerns the content of the curriculum. Students are often misinformed, saying that the preparatory program consists only of learning English. Yes, indeed, English is an important component of the course, but in addition, about 40% of subjects are assigned to the study of a future course at a university in the UK. As part of the course on academic English, students are taught in-depth mathematics, specialized vocabulary from the specific sciences.

Today, foreign students can choose several directions under the International Foundation program to continue their studies at universities in the UK:

  • Business: I recommend choosing this direction for those students who are planning to enter the University of Great Britain at the faculties of economics, business, finance, management, marketing, etc.
  • Engineering: The program specializes in preparing international students for admission to engineering and architecture faculties.
  • Natural Sciences: This course allows you to successfully continue your studies at the faculties of mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, etc.
  • Humanities and Law: a training course for sociologists, political scientists, lawyers, and jurists;
  • IT: This course allows students to continue their studies at the faculties of media, programming, design, etc.

As part of the training program, students must additionally undergo preparation for the IELTS international language test, students will be taught the structure of the exam, which will help them master the basic strategies for successfully passing the test, writing essays, conducting interviews, monologues and listening. The results of this test are a prerequisite for admission to the bachelor’s program at the university.

While studying at the program, students independently choose for themselves 3-4 subjects that they study during the year. Therefore, before entering the program, you will need to think about what kind of activity the student wants to engage in in the future, and only then choose the necessary disciplines.

Of course, the program will be planned differently for each educational institution, but all the programs that universities and colleges offer today are definitely on a high level.