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Naval Ravikant Book List And Many More Lists That You Must Give A Read

Books are something that nobody can resist reading. They are things that light up your mind even in your worst times. There are so many lists of books that have been suggested by either your favourite actors or favourite singers or anyone from some other industries. Starting from naval ravikant book lists to Tonny Robbins favourite books, there are numerous lists you can give a try to. 

Naval ravikant- An entrepreneur with great taste in books 

Before going through the Naval ravikant book list, you should also know who Naval Ravikant is. He is an Indian-American entrepreneur. He is also an investor. He’s also the co-founder of AngelList. Also, he’s the CEO and chairman of the former company. It has also been known that he has invested in over more than 200 companies. Few of them are Uber, Postmark, Postmates, Clubhouse, Stack Overflow, Clearview AI and more than 10 Unicorn. He’s also one of the fellows of the Edmund Hiliary Fellowship. 

Naval ravikant books list that you must give a read 

Here’s a list of amazing books that naval radiant suggests others to give a read to. These are the books that he had personally read and have loved them to a great extent.

    • The Rational optimist by Matt Ridley
  • Thing explained written by Randall Munroe
  • V for vendetta written by Alan Moore,David Lloyd
  • Lord of light written by Roger Zelazny
  • Fables Vol 1 written by Bill Willingham,Chrissie Zullo,Craig Hamilton,David Petersen,Eric Shanower,Jae Lee,James Jean,Lan Medina,Mark Buckingham,Matthew Sturges,Mike Allred,Russ Braun,Shawn McManus,Steve Leialoha,Terry Moore,Tony Akins 
  • The Diamond age written by Neal Stephenson
  • Snow crash written by Neal Stephenson
  • Batman written by David Mazzucchelli,Denny O’Neil,Frank Miller,Richmond Lewis,Todd Klein
  • Hamlet written by Harold Bloom,Rex Gibson,William Shakespeare
  • Planetary, Vol 1 written by John Cassaday,Warren Ellis
  • Good calories, Bad calories written by Gary Taubes
  • Skin in the game written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • Stories of your life and others written by Ted Chiang 
  • Reality is not what it seems written by Carlo Rovelli
  • A Pattern Language written by Christopher W. Alexander,Ingrid Fiksdahl-King,Max Jacobson, Murray Silverstein,Sara Ishikawa,Shlomo Angel
  • The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age written by James Dale Davidson,Lord William Rees-Mogg
  • Transmetropolitan, Vol. 1 written by Darick Robertson, Darick Robertston,Garth Ennis, Nathan Eyring,Patrick Stewart,Rodney Ramos,Warren Ellis
  • Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track written by Michelle Feynman,Richard P. Feynman
  • Fooled by Randomness written Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Tonny Robbins favourite books that you must read 

Tonny robbins is an American author. He is also a speaker, a coach and philanthropist. 

Tonny robbins favourite books are as follows

  • Tribe of mentors 
  • Man’s search for meaning 
  • A mind at home with itself 
  • As a man thinketh 
  • The fourth turning 
  • The Plant Paradox
  • The surrender experiment 
  • The Tb12 method
  • The age of spiritual machines
  • How to win friends and influence people 
  • Tao te ching
  • A brief history of time 
  • The singularity is near
  • The way of the superior man
  • The ascent of money 
  • Long walk to freedom 
  • The China study 
  • The 7 habits of highly effective people
  • The seven spiritual laws of success 

Emma Watson and Emma watson mom have an enduring list for you to read! 

Emma Watson has been the one who has been known by people all over the globe. She’s a famous actor and activist. She has gained recognition due to the amazing roles that she has played in various blockbusters. She had also played immense roles in women rights work. She has been the highest-paid actress. And this has been confirmed by various sources. She has also been tagged the one who comes under top 100 influential people. 

Emma Watson mom suggested book list :

Here’s an amazing book list suggested by Emma Watson mom and even by her. 

  • How to be a woman 
  • The shadow of the wind 
  • The remains of the day
  • The little prince 
  • The BFG
  • The opposite of loneliness
  • Bad feminist
  • The fault in our stars 
  • Love letters to the dead 
  • Tiny beautiful things 
  • The constant princess 
  • Tribe 
  • Oranges are not the only fruit 
  • Modern Romance
  • The hidden life of trees
  • Half the sky
  • Consider the lobster and other essays 
  • Brave enough
  • Heart Berries 
  • Catching the big fish

Patrick Rothfuss favourite books that you should read 

Patrick Rothfuss is a famous American writer. His writing basically revolves around epic fantasies. His novel, The name of the wind has helped him win the 2007 Quill award. Here’s a list of the famous writer patrick rothfuss favourite books that he suggests everyone to give a read at least once: 

  • Hyperbole and a half
  • Death 
  • Welcome to night vale
  • Steel heart
  • Spinning silver 
  • The adventures of barry ween, boy genius 3
  • Waking the monsters 
  • Mighty jack 
  • Saga, Vol 5
  • Saga, Vol 6
  • Injection, Vol 2
  • The man who mistook his wife for a hat and other clinical tales
  • Will save the Galaxy for food 
  • An unattractive vampire 
  • Space dumplins 
  • The drawing of the dark 
  • The killer inside me
  • Good poems

Peter thiel: A billionaire suggesting books to read

Peter Thiell is a German- American entrepreneur. He’s also a billionaire. He’s also a venture capitalist. The list of  Peter theil recommended books are as follows: 

  • The great illusion by Norman Angell 
  • The sovereign individual by James Dale Davidson 
  • The master and margarita by Diana Lewis Burgin 
  • Things hidden since the foundation of the world by Renne Girard 
  • Psychopolitics by Jean-Michel Oughourlian
  • Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Resurrection from the Underground written by Rene Girard
  • Bloodlands written by Timothy Snyder
  • Atlas Shrugged written by Ayn Rand,Jan de Voogt,Leonard Peikoff
  • The Reasonableness of Christianity written by the author John Locke
  • The Decadent Society written by Ross Gregory Douthat
  • The Diamond Age written by Neal Stephenson
  • 100 Plus written by Sonia Arrison
  • The American Challenge written by Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber