How to create a monogram online

How to create a monogram online

Many in their lives at least once met with beautifully intertwined letters, sometimes decorated with ornaments – a monogram. Has anyone wondered what a monogram is and what is the history of this symbol of high-ranking persons and monarchs? In this article, we will explain what a monogram is and give some tips on how to create one. And on the Turbologo website you will find examples of monogram logos.

What is a monogram

What is a “monogram”, what is the etymology of the word itself? The essence of such an emblem is expressed in its name, which has Greek roots: mono – one, gramma – letter. Thus, initially it was a beautifully designed one letter denoting the family name or the name of the owner.

As time passed, more letters were added to the writing and design of the monogram, which stood side by side or intertwined. They talked about family affiliation, they also included the first letters of the names and surnames of the wife or husband, or all the initials of its owner were placed on the symbol. Currently, such an emblem is made up not only of letters. The monogram includes a variety of signs, symbols and ornaments.

How to make a monogram online

Logo by Gert van Duinen
Logo by Gert van Duinen

You can create a monogram online for free using special services. You can also use the logo monogram templates from Turbologo. Here are the most popular services for creating a logo:


This is a constructor that works for free. You only need to specify the text, and then select any of the templates. Also you can choose suitable colors. When the monogram is ready, all you have to do is save it and share the design on social networks.


This service offers 19 templates, due to which you will have the opportunity to create a monogram online. You will need to write the initials and indicate their location. In addition, during the development process, you can choose any shade from the range offered by the service.

Monogram Design Tips

Logo by Gert van Duinen

When composing a monogram, you need to follow certain rules so that it does not turn into a monogram. That is, the intricacy of the composition should not be overly saturated with all kinds of interweaving and not overloaded with additional motives. The monogram alphabet can be represented in both Cyrillic and Latin. Original and discreet monograms are often embroidered on cuffs and collars. They are usually done in blue and black colors.

So, what are the rules to follow when creating a monogram? First of all, it is necessary to decide to whom it will be intended: a man or a woman, a married couple or a child.

After that, you can begin to create and at the same time consider the following:

  • The monogram is read from left to right and from top to bottom;
  • It is customary for men to use capital letters;
  • Women’s monograms, as well as those created for couples, are usually made in capital letters. Calligraphic fonts are also used in these cases;
  • If the female monogram will be made of three letters: first name, patronymic and last name – they are arranged in the following order: first name – small, the second letter is large – last name, the third small – patronymic;
  • If the monogram is made up of two letters denoting the name and surname, then in this case the letters must be of the same size;
  • An emblem intended for a child must be one letter.

Some More Monogram Design Tips

Logo by Kakha Kakhadzen

Find a great font

This logo style requires careful attention to the font you choose. A monogram is letters, so it’s important to find a font that reflects your brand’s personality and resonates with your audience.

How do I start the font selection process for my own monogram? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can the company name be abbreviated?
  • How many letters do I want to use?
  • How will I use my monogram and where will people see it?

After you answer these questions, start experimenting! Are you going for a sophisticated, thoughtful look? Try cursive. Looking for something classic and sophisticated? Look at serif fonts.

Don’t be afraid to explore typefaces or even dabble in handwriting. Try as many options as you can until you get a monogram you’re happy with.

Add some personality

With a two- or three-letter monogram, you can play with the personality of the character.

Take the famous professional tennis player, Roger Federer, for example. The monogram used for his personal branding shows his initials; however, parts of the letters are missing, leaving our brains to complete the image.

Single letter monograms are undoubtedly the most difficult monograms to create. Making one letter powerful enough to work on its own isn’t easy, but it can be done.

For example, one of the most iconic logos of all time: the McDonald’s logo. The letter “M” was designed by designer Jim Schindler.

Choose your color wisely

Less is more when it comes to creating monogram logos. Limit the number of colors and use no more than two.

Black is the most popular color, especially in the fashion industry, because it is versatile and minimalist. In combination with white, it is ideal for work.

Jewelry brand Mejuri chose the monogram “M”, enclosed in a black circle. The brand also uses a gold color variation in some of its marketing materials.

Red and blue are often used in monogram designs, alone or in combination with each other. While red evokes feelings of power and excitement, blue conveys a sense of trust and reliability. Many companies stick to one color. Where someone uses two colors, it is usually the brand’s signature colors.

 Experiment with shape and layout

Of course, monogram logos are mostly just letters, but shape plays a significant role in their overall design—it all comes down to the placement of the letters used in the monogram.

The most common is a horizontal layout with overlapping letters creating the traditional rectangle shape. High-end fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent has moved away from this by placing the YSL initials in a vertical orientation.

That’s all! We wish you good luck in designing your monogram!