Interiors of premises for the entertainment industry

Interiors of premises for the entertainment industry

A land-based casino and non gamestop casino is a place full of splendor and luxury and therefore requires a special visual setting in every detail. Therefore, you should expect that when you visit any casino in Europe or in the world, you will encounter a huge abundance of all kinds of decorative elements. This includes architectural elements, all types of furniture and other accessories. Although casinos differ from each other, these features are undoubtedly common for this type of buildings. Everything has to catch the eye and delight, and thus positively influence the guests staying in the building. The friendly atmosphere and climate are designed to improve the mood of the players. This in turn influences their decisions and makes them willing to invest more and spend more time in the gaming room. Huge splendor of casino interiors influences, more or less consciously, a number of human behaviors, giving them at the same time a sense of prestige and uniqueness.
The interior design of a casino consists of many elements that work closely and harmoniously together to form a unified whole. Apart from what catches the eye after entering the gaming room, i.e. tables for card games, there is of course other furniture, but also decorative elements on walls and ceilings, which give the casino an exclusive character. Designers often let their imagination run wild when creating a particular arrangement, but the final concept of the décor should not go beyond certain conventionally determined for this kind of places framework, in order not to get hooked into kitsch. The rich and emanating luxury appearance yes, but what’s too much is not healthy, so it is important not to overdo it in any way.

A glance at walls and floors

Richly decorated walls, on which often hang paintings, bas-reliefs or other works of art, are also an important and integral part of any casino interior design. Columns and pillars carved from a variety of materials, as well as matching walls, are an equally important part of the decor. Here the style of their finishing depends solely on the owners and the suggestions of the interior designers. The exception is when the casino is located in an older building and adapts its appearance to its own needs, in which case the rest of the decor belongs to the existing architecture and existing decorative elements, such as door handles, railings or decorative curtain rods in the windows. The whole decor will not do without carpets made of high-quality materials on the floors. Here several variants are permissible. Either you can lay carpets covering the entire floor in casino interiors, or to lay carpets on the floor finished with stone or other materials. The latter option is much more conducive to replacement or refreshment and is easier to maintain, since cleaning in such a situation does not require disorganization of the casino’s work. For example, it is much easier to roll up the carpet and have it cleaned by an outside company, or to replace it with a new one, as opposed to a permanent carpet, which requires a temporary shutdown for cleaning. It is worth noting that betting sites not blocked by gamstop also have their own designs, it is very important to make the slots visually pleasing and attractive.

Furniture selection

Casino furniture is one of the elements of decor that should be carefully selected and arranged to form a harmonious whole with the rest of the decor, including the architectural style of the building. In most, if not all cases, the furniture is ordered individually by each casino, commissioning a specific and specialized manufacturer. It is important that they have a unique and adequate to the appearance and style of the building design and also meet a number of stringent strength and quality requirements. They have to be perfect in every detail and solidly made, so that they serve guests for many years. Very often furniture for a given casino or gaming hall, if there are several of them, including “themed” rooms, are ordered as a set at one time from a single contractor. This is to maintain consistency between the various elements. If a casino needs to replace a piece of furniture that has deteriorated, or order additional furniture in the same style, it would rather order it from the original supplier. No matter if it’s tables, chairs, sofas or armchairs. Each piece has to match with the rest, which applies not only to wooden elements, but also to fittings and upholstery.
If we talk about furniture in the context of equipment, it’s impossible not to mention tables for card games, roulette, craps or slot machines. It is for them, above all, that one goes to a casino. These tables should also fit harmoniously into the overall décor, so here, too, there is the question of their appropriate finishing and provision of ornaments, just like in the case of other furniture.

Lamps and lighting

Good lighting is one of the conditions of good mood of guests. In order to harmonize with the arrangement of the casino, the lamps cannot be those available in lighting stores. Also, this element must fit in with the whole. The style of the building is not without significance here. It is obvious that older buildings require different lamps than modern casinos. Those housed in old buildings often retain the original lighting system as much as possible, which is also somewhat related to historic preservation regulations.


Interiors are very important in the entertainment industry, because they create the right atmosphere and set the players for a good time. If you choose the interior responsibly, you are sure to get a boost of energy and enjoyment.