Role of Online casino

The biggest winnings in the history of online casinos

Every casino visitor dreams of becoming a millionaire one day. This is quite real, since many are playing a jackpot today.
It is always difficult to beat any gaming hall and casino x in particular. It takes patience and really great luck. To break a big jackpot, it is also not superfluous to have a strategy. It is she who most often leads to resounding victories. In the history of the winners who have already taken place, they will awaken an incentive in the player.

Hit parade of lucky casinos

The United States is rightfully called the Birthplace of gambling. What is the popular Las Vegas worth, where players from all continents come together every year to break a solid jackpot. Such efforts are not in vain, because almost 57% of local residents and visitors visit gambling establishments regularly. It is also surprising that a record number of winnings were registered in the United States. Who managed to win and how much?

A Disastrous Jackpot

The year 1996 was remembered by the post office worker John Tippin for his cardinal revolution in his life. During the vacation, the thrill-seeker John came with his family to Las Vegas. The world of lights and luxury has long attracted him, then he, without thinking twice, came to the Gold Coast casino with the goal of winning. And he won as much as $ 12 million. This amount turned John’s head.
He divorced his wife and rushed into all the hardships of a rich life, spent money left and right and began to abuse alcohol. So, once a millionaire, he returned to the path from which he wanted to escape.
In 2001, John Tippin published a book with the screaming title ” I did it! My life after the casino”, where he says that he gained money, but lost much more.

From waitress to millionaire

This is exactly the fate that befell Cynthia Jay in 2000, who worked in the service industry in Las Vegas for 10 years. There is a list of the most successful women in poker, and this girl was included in the top women who hit the jackpot in the
To amuse her curiosity, the woman ventured to arrange a confrontation with a “One-armed bandit” at the Palace Station casino and spend the last $ 27. Naturally, at the time of the game, she did not think that such a small amount would not only enrich her, but also provide her with a comfortable old age. Having lowered almost all the money into the machine, Cynthia had 1 dollar left in her hand.
As soon as she spent it, as if out of nowhere, there was a winning sound announcing the winning of the jackpot in the amount of $ 34,959,458 million. At that time, no one before Cynthia managed to win such money. And to earn them by honest work, a waitress would have to spend more than 1000 years. So, her name went down in history.

On the verge of risk

The year 2004 was marked by a real success for the traveler from England, Ashley Revell. One fine evening, a man, without hesitation, withdrew his savings from all bank accounts to visit Las Vegas and make his bets at Fremont.
Many would twist at the temple, because putting 135 thousand dollars on ” red ” is a risky step. But not for Ashley. When the ball fell into the same cell “seven red”, the visitors were taken aback, as was the croupier himself. Thus, the man doubled his income. However, this did not stop him. Ashley continued to place bets 4 more times, and luck smiled on him. As a result, that evening Revell gained the status of a millionaire and left the casino with a win of $ 4 million.

A retired millionaire

I have already told you about a successful retired poker player and that even in retirement you can live a full life, play poker and other gambling games. Here is another example. Retired Beverly Whitten in 2006 was going to celebrate the 38th anniversary of her scientific activity, but not at a family dinner, but at the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort, in West Virginia.
After two hours of his stay as an amateur, ZHP added $ 3.7 million to his account.

Super Jackpot

The jackpot per million is not the limit. Here are some of the big casino winnings:

  • 1. In the Norwegian casino Betsson Online, $ 12 million was raffled in 2011. The Mega Fortune slot machine brought good luck to a young man who suffered from insomnia.
  • 2. The prize of $17.2 million was won by Jonathan Heywood from the UK. The main pot was drawn in the gambling house Betway Casino, specializing in slot machines.
  • 3. Who said that lightning does not strike twice in one place? Elmer Sherwin won $4.6 million at Casino Mirage at the age of 72. And 16 years later, in the same casino, he managed to hit the jackpot for 21 million.
  • 4. Another amazing case occurred in Finland. The 40-year-old man decided to turn the last spin with a bet of 25 cents, but he brought $24 million to Mega Fortune.
  • 5. But the biggest prize in history was played in Las Vegas, at the Excalibur Casino. After spending 100 bucks on the bet, the 25-year-old was able to win $39.7 million.

Although a huge number of people today tend to believe that gambling and going to the casino is a pernicious habit and “tears of wasted years”, however, there are also those who are ready to challenge this opinion, because they were more lucky than others. Now these simple amateurs are the owners of multimillion-dollar winnings. It turns out that it is quite possible to pull the “lucky ticket of fortune” in the casino.