Top Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers

Indonesia’s top Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers

There is a lot to learn from lifestyle bloggers ranging from fashion, travel, parenthood, and home decor. If you love keeping yourself updated with everyday life, you must follow these Indonesian bloggers. Through their tutorials and reviews, they have got millions of followers worldwide in a short time. Here we have mentioned some of the top Indonesian bloggers from whom you can learn a lot!

Andra Alodita

Andra Alodita is a lifestyle blogger based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was formulating a career in photography in 2008 when she first started to create a blog. Her photographs have been published in local and international newspapers. She also has done fashion and food photography. In 2015, she included beauty, health, and travel content in her blog. Since February 2015, there are 650,000 views of her page. She has won many awards and recognition, including ‘The Inspiring Woman’ in 2015. She was also nominated for the 20 most beautiful women of Indonesia. She also did her photography exhibitions in collaboration with Harper Bazaar Indonesia. If you want to keep up with the latest trends, follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube!

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Nanda Arsyinta 

Nanda Arsyinta is a famous vlogger of Indonesia who has now become a beauty influencer. She has attracted 1.4 million followers on YouTube with her hard work and dedication. More than 1.6 million people follow her on Instagram. Her niche is beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She launched her YouTube channel in December 2010. She does tutorials on how to wear a hijab, makeup, and travel. If you don’t want to miss her tutorials, then do follow her on Facebook and YouTube!

Abil Cantika 

Abel is a beauty blogger who has influenced a lot of people. Her love for makeup is seen through her enthusiasm for teaching makeup skills to her followers. Her YouTube videos have more than 47 million views. She makes everyday routine videos, personal vlogs, makeup tutorials, and skincare tips. She launched her YouTube channel on 4th December 2010. There are more than 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube to learn more.

Sarah Ayu

Sarah Ayu is an Indonesian content creator and beauty influencer who is famous for her self-titled YouTube channel. Her YouTube content includes makeup product reviews and shopping haul videos. She is renowned for her product review videos from L’Oréal, Maybelline, and other drugstore products. Her video has achieved more than 21 million views. She launched her YouTube channel on 21st October 2010. More than 290,000 people follow her on YouTube at such a young age of 25.

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Olivia Lazuardy

Olivia is one of the most successful digital influencers in Indonesia. She has a successful career in fashion, and she decided to launch her blog in 2013. She loves to share her fashion inspiration, fashion tips, and tricks, travel vlogs on her channel. According to her, everyone should find confidence in themselves. She wants to inspire and empower people who visit her blog through her content. She wishes that her followers should express themselves through fashion. Follow her on Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and to gain that inner confidence.

Nabila Tarmuzi

She is a digital influencer who has gained popularity due to her outfit pairing and hijab styles. She has a YouTube channel and a blog on Instagram. She is a foodie and loves to share food photography on Instagram. Along with that, she has a passion for travel, and she shares her travel tips and tricks on her YouTube and Instagram. She has 693K followers on Instagram. She has gained 57.7k Subscribers on YouTube. Her main niche is makeup tutorials, travel vlogs, shopping hauls dresses inspirations.

Diana Rikasari

Diana is one of the award-winning top influencers in Indonesia. She is also a fashion designer who is the author of the book focusing on ‘mindfulness.’ Diana started blogging in 2007, won several awards, and became a public speaker on various platforms. Her surroundings and life greatly inspire her, and she puts humor and wit in her content. Through her fashion designs and content, she gives a message of hope to people to move on. She gives reviews about technology to fashion on her YouTube channel. People love her for her fashion sense and the positivity she puts in her content. Do follow her on Instagram and YouTube for more inspiration.

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Evita Nuh

Evita Nuh is famous for her unique sense of fashion. She has a remarkable ability to turn an ordinary piece of clothing into a fashion statement. She is the creative director for EN.PENS and she has also written columns for the famous magazine GoGirl! She is the founder of the most popular blog known as The Crème de la crop. You can follow her on Instagram and Youtube to get fashion tips. Visit her blog to find out more!


Rissa is a lifestyle journalist having a strong love for makeup. With a passion for lipstick, she started in 2014. In her blog, she talks about makeup and lipsticks. From the production to reviews and tutorials, it is a perfect place for lipstick lovers. She also offers a variety of digital services like lip modeling and marketing. Subscribe to and also follow her on Instagram.

Titen Tyra

Titen Tara is 22 years old Chinese-Indonesian beauty influencer. She has gained popularity among the youth with her inspirational videos. Her YouTube channel is her medium where she shows her love for makeup and fashion. She loves to travel, so that you will find several travel vlogs on her channel. Other videos include funny skits, makeup challenges, and makeup tutorials. She has gained 929k subscribers on YouTube in such a short period.

Sara Robert

Sara Robert is a beauty enthusiast, and you will find many beauty-related videos on her YouTube channel. She teaches makeup tutorials, especially eye make, self-tanning routines, Zendaya inspired makeup videos. She has earned more than 600,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She launched her channel in August 2015. 160,000 people follow her on Instagram because of her fashion and beauty sense. Do check her on Instagram and YouTube for fashion content


So, these are some of the top beauty and lifestyle bloggers of Indonesia. Beware of the Fake id websites 2021 some people have made. Follow these on Social media to get in touch with the real one!