Sustaining a relationship isn't easy, so you're bound to drift apart after some time. If that's happening to you, here's how to reconnect with your spouse.
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How to Reconnect With Your Spouse and Fall in Love Again

Though the divorce rates are decreasing, around 50% of marriages in the US still end in divorce. For some married couples who drift apart, separation and divorce is the best option.

But ebbs and flows in a relationship that spans many years are natural. And if you’re nowhere near ready to throw in the towel, you can start to figure out how to reconnect with your spouse.

Once you both set the intention to reconnect with your partner, your relationship could be even better than it was before. All you need are some ideas to get you started. Read on to discover effective ways to reconnect with your spouse.

Learn Each Other’s Love Language

The Five Love Languages is a concept created by author and pastor Gary Chapman. This concept relies on everyone having one primary love language that they need their spouse to “speak” to feel loved. They are:

  • Quality time
  • Words of affirmation
  • Physical touch
  • Acts of service
  • Gifts

You can read his book or take the quiz to find out your primary and secondary love languages. Once you and your spouse know what they are, you can learn how to reconnect with your spouse on a deeper level. For example, if your spouse’s love language is acts of service then you can show your love by doing chores without them asking you first.

Find Out More About Your Spouse

Even if you’ve been with your spouse for decades, there will always be things you don’t know about them. Making the effort to learn this information will help you in reconnecting with your spouse all over again.

If you have different hometowns, take a trip to the place where your spouse grew up and walk around. This will spark stories and memories they may have forgotten to share with you. Plus, you will be able to spend some quality time together alone which can help you reconnect with your spouse emotionally.

Knowing more about your spouse isn’t only about memories and experiences. It’s about opinions, likes, and dislikes too. Ask them to rank their favorite desserts or their opinion on a social issue to rediscover what makes them tick.

Book a Couples Retreat

Sometimes it’s difficult to start fresh in an old environment. It can also be tough to discover your underlying issues without expert guidance. But booking a couples retreat like offers both.

On a couples retreat, you can learn to reignite the spark in your marriage free from the judgment of people you know. Away from your children, you can also reconnect with your spouse sexually. And retreats can help you develop an action plan so you don’t fall into old habits at home.

Learning How To Reconnect With Your Spouse Won’t Happen Overnight

Figuring out how to reconnect with your spouse might be something you have to do many times over. But the lifelong love and support you get from your spouse are, of course, worth the effort. And now you have some ideas of how to reconnect, you can get started on the next chapter of your marriage today.

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