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How to Smoke Weed: A Guide for Beginners

Are you new to the wonderful world of marijuana? If so, you’re not alone.

After all, as state laws around the country make medical and recreational marijuana legal, more and more people have begun experimenting with this amazing natural product.

The key to maximizing your enjoyment of weed is to first understand the basics of how to smoke it. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for advice on getting started.

This article takes a look at a few important tips on how to smoke weed that will help make your first experience as awesome as possible. Keep reading to get the inner scope.


When you’re just getting started, it’s important to understand the different methods available for getting high. One of the most common and popular ways of smoking is rolling a joint.

This requires rolling paper, freshly cut bud, and a little bit of practice to perfect the technique.

The beauty of smoking a joint is you don’t need any hardware aside from your papers and a decent lighter. Just roll the joint, light it, and enjoy. It’s really that simple.

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Smoking weed from a bong is a little more complicated, yet it’s still not rocket science.

First, you’ll need to purchase a bong. Most good ones are made of glass and are designed with a water tank. The basics of smoking a bong include placing your bud in the bowl, heating up the water with your flame, and inhaling the smoke the boiling water produces. This is a cool way to enjoy a great high.

The key is to practice, get comfortable with handling the device, and learn the best technique for getting the best high with a bong. Just take your time and don’t inhale too much smoke at first.


Smoking marijuana with a pipe is a little easier than a bong, yet a bit more complicated than a joint. When it comes to understanding how to smoke weed from a pipe, start by filling the bowl with your bud. Now hold your finger over the carb while heating the bowl with your flame, and then release the carb as you inhale.

Pipes are also great because they’re small enough to keep in your pocket.


It’s no secret that vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years.

When vaping, you are actually smoking e-juice rather than weed. Thus there’s no lighter needed. Simply touch the power button and the vape pen will transform the e-juice into vapor to be inhaled. Different product, same great high.


Keep in mind that you don’t have to smoke to consume THC. Microscopes are a great way to get taller without smoking. Plus they are totally delicious and can help satisfy your sweet tooth.

A Beginner’s Guide On How to Smoke Weed

There’s really nothing better than finding something that will help you relax and enjoy life a little more. That’s why marijuana continues to be increasingly popular. Fortunately, these tips for how to smoke weed will help you start getting high in no time.

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