Telling the difference between Warts, skin tags and moles

Moles, skin tags and warts can be irritating, we could all do without them. They can also be confusing. They can be confusing for most people.
They are not dangerous to your health. They can be annoying and make your life difficult. Before you go to the Doc to have them removed, you should know the difference between them.

Skin Tags

The friction causes this little flap of skin to form. It can be caused by friction from clothing or a collar. It begins as a small bump on the skin or gland. Once it begins rubbing, it becomes a snowball effect. This little ball of skin cells is pulled upwards until it hangs by a thread. The result is a ball of skin that has been attached to a thin pedestal.

What does a skin tag look like?

Skin tags are tiny flaps of skin that can be as small as a pen head or three centimeters in size. When a tiny bump or gland sticks up from skin, they form. The bump is then rubbed around the neck, usually under the arms or in the groin. The friction causes the flap to rise even higher and may form into a ball.

Do You Need a Skin Tag Removed?

The most serious problem with skin tags is the irritation they can cause. They can irritate, bleed, or snag. They are generally annoying.They aren’t dangerous but patients often ask for them to be removed if they become tender, painful, or unattractive.

What causes warts?

A virus is the germ that causes warts. They are contagious, just like all viruses. If you notice a wart appearing, it means that you have come in contact with another person with the virus.

Do You Need to Have a Wart Removed?

We recommend that you remove any such spots. However, it is especially important to get rid of warts quickly before the virus can spread to others. They don’t seem to improve if people attempt to treat them at their homes. Why is this? They are a virus that lives within the skin cells. The virus can’t be eradicated if you don’t treat it. You must treat the virus long enough to eliminate all skin cells that are affected.Wart treatments can be painful. People who start over-the-counter treatments often find themselves second-guessing themselves when the pain starts. They realise they don’t have the right tools and can’t bear the pain. They stop receiving the treatment because it is not effective.
For the fastest wart treatment, ask your dermatologist to freeze the wart. This will kill the virus-infected cells so that your skin can heal quickly.


Moles are the most severe of these skin conditions. They grow slowly and take a while to form. They can become cancerous and change.What do Moles Look Like?

Look for pigment and hair to see the visual differences between mole and wart bumps. Moles have both, while warts have neither. They are rare moles that can turn from regular moles into skin cancer because of their pigment.Sun exposure can stimulate moles in some people. These benign growths can easily form on the skin. Make sure to avoid sunburns.