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How to Quit Nicotine: 5 Simple Tips

Despite all the warnings and dangers of nicotine, an average of 40 million people still smoke cigarettes today.

Nicotine addiction is a problem, yet many people have overcome it, and quit nicotine altogether. When you quit, your body becomes healthier and you develop better habits.

If you’re wondering how to quit nicotine, here are five tips to get you started today.

1. Understand the Withdrawl Process

Nicotine is an addictive substance. Once your brain becomes dependent on that substance and takes it away, you may enter a withdrawal phase.

It’s important that you understand the withdrawal process and how you can wrestle through it because it’s one of the most challenging parts of quitting nicotine. Withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on how long you’ve been addicted to nicotine.

Replacing nicotine with healthy habits like exercising, can help bring you through these tough moments of withdrawal. Also, remembering and identifying why you’re quitting nicotine will help keep your momentum.

2. Triggers

In the context of addiction, triggers are moments, situations, or thoughts that cause someone to return to a certain pattern of behavior that they’re trying to avoid.

For example, being around people that smoke in social situations may be a trigger for you. You might feel the need to smoke socially, or when you’re around specific people. This is a trigger that may bring up feelings to smoke, so identify your triggers before going out of being with friends.

3. Supplements

For some people, the addiction to nicotine dies hard. You may need some alternatives to cigarettes besides identifying triggers or going cold turkey.

Using products like herbal cigarettes like the ones from can help ease you off of harmful cigarettes. It satisfies the sensation you’re missing from holding a cigarette, yet without any of the carcinogenic substances.

4. Challenge and Change Your Thoughts

When you give up nicotine, you might have conflicting feelings. You might start thinking that it was a bad idea, because you’re having difficulty managing withdrawals or because it feels so strange.

It’s important to remember to change and challenge your thoughts, especially when it comes to your self-esteem. Self-defeating thoughts will only bring you down more, so replace them with encouraging ones and remind yourself why you’re quitting.

5. Celebrate and Get Support

Even common addictions like nicotine need large support from others. When you decide to quit nicotine, tell people who can support you, and be there for you. Allow yourself to vent your feelings and let others encourage you.

If you need to, find a support group that can walk you through the challenging times. Recovery may take a while, weeks or months depending on the length of time you’ve used nicotine. By celebrating each victory – whether it’s weeks, months, or days – take that time to notice all the times where you triumphed and remember those.

How to Quit Nicotine

When you’re thinking about how to quit nicotine, remember that you’re working towards something incredibly important for your health. Be patient and kind with yourself, and practice these five tips to gain the health you want.

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