Soothe, Relax, and Pamper With These Great Bath Ideas

Life can be very stressful, and if nothing else, 2020 proved that over and over again. Unfortunately, stress can be dangerous, and it should be addressed.

77% of Americans have reported having stress levels that affect their physical health, so if you’ve been feeling stressed lately, you’re not alone.

Having a relaxing bath is a timeless remedy for stress, but there are specific elements you should add to make it as peaceful as possible.

Here are five of the best bath ideas for tranquility.

1. Set the Mood

For a soothing bath, you need to have everything in place beforehand. Grab your favorite book, magazine, journal, or tablet and set them near your tub in a protected space.

Audiobooks are a great idea, as you can close your eyes and listen to the story be told to you, hands-free.

Gather candles, and set them on the side of your tub. Select your favorite calming music playlist.

Your soft and fluffy towels, bathrobe, and slippers should be ready nearby to comfort you after your bath.

2. Use Bath Salts and Oils

If you’re looking to unwind after a stressful day, using bath salts is the perfect go-to. CBD bath salts, in particular, can help soothe achy muscles and joints while also calming your body down and allowing you to relax fully.

Bath oils, such as lavender, chamomile, and vanilla, are great for relaxing and hydrating. Using oils can help you get deeply hydrated, and there are CBD bath bombs for that too.

3. Try a Jacuzzi Bath Mat

When taking baths for stress relief, you want to target specific areas so you can get the most out of them. Using a jacuzzi bath mat can do just that.

This is a mat that suction cups to the bottom of your tub. You connect an air hose to it, and bubbles blow up through your tub, creating your very own at-home jacuzzi.

This works best for deeper tubs, as the bubbles can cause the water to spill over in more shallow tubs.

Imagine laying back, closing your eyes, and feeling and hearing the bubbles surrounding you. A very relaxing bath, indeed.

4. Use a Face Mask

Since you’re in the mood for self-care, using a face mask can add to the feeling of peace.

This can also help put you in the spirit of relaxation and help direct your thoughts to happier places, helping you get rid of your stress.

5. Find the Perfect Temperature

A stress-free bath means one that is not too cold or too hot. If the water is too hot, it could cause you to become dizzy, which would most likely cause you more anxiety than take away.

A warm bath that is the perfect temperature will allow your muscles to relax, leading your mind to relax.

Best Bath Relaxation Techniques for You to Try

If you’re feeling stressed, try these best bath relaxation techniques today. You probably have everything you need right now, so there’s no point in putting it off.

Calm down and zen out.

While you’re waiting for your tub to fill, why not check out the rest of our blog to pass the time?