21st Birthday

How to Plan the Best 21st Birthday?

You can’t deny the fact that you are about to turn 21 this year and it is a huge deal! As the big day is coming closer, it can be tricky to figure out the ways to mark your special day. Turning 21 is a huge moment in one’s life and celebrating the special day more stylistically can be huger! It is the perfect passage for you to throw a memorable bash as you being an adult deserve some party, excitement, and amazing moments with your loved ones too. You might have wished to do thousands of epic things for your special day. Your bucket list might have so many things you would be looking forward to. But fear not! As we are always here to make every event special and yes mesmerizing. We have come up with amazing photo-worthy 21st birthday ideas that you can do to celebrate the special day. At the end of the day, the birthday special deserves this grand treatment with a grand 21st birthday decoration too, right?

  • Set Your Budget

The most essential thing that you need to consider before planning any party is to set a budget so that you can spend according to your planning for your party and 21st birthday party decoration as well. Does not matter whether you have too much to spend, just make sure that you get what you have planned. Make a simple bucket list of what all you want and track everything so consider that it does not go over your budget. You can simply track by noting down how much you have spent and how much is left to be well aware of overspending! 

  • Consideration of Venue and Date

The selection of a perfect venue is one of the essential elements to decide your 21st birthday planning. You need to decide whether it will be organized at your home or some party venue. If you have a huge guest list and enough budget you can book a hotel or venue or else you can go to your home for a small get-together with a gorgeous birthday decoration at home. Not that you have selected the venue, start thinking about when you would like to host the 21st birthday party. You might have a weekend in your mind or before and after your 21st birthday.

  • Consideration of Guestlist and Menu

The next essential thing while planning a 21st birthday party is the guest list which is dictated by your budget. The bigger the guest list is, the more you will have to spend on larger areas and food. Think carefully about whom you would want to invite to the party. Cost out the amount of party food per person so you can get a rough idea. Figure out who your essential guests are and then you can go for inviting them. So, start building a guest list!

Some venues provide catering service while others leave it to you to do It yourself. Plan a simple yet delicious menu that can be served to everyone. You can hire a caterer or prepare yourself as well according to your budget.

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  • Stick to a Perfect Themed Party

We all know that for any special occasion, themes make everything full of fun. Themes work as the pinnacle of a party that is most memorable and successful. Guests get an icebreaker and something to talk about, you get an Instagram-worthy picture as well and some cherishing moments together. You also get an excuse to wear something extraordinary which you have been dreaming of on your regular days! A perfect themed party can also make your 21st birthday decor task way easier. You can go for some rose-gold 21st birthday balloon decoration, gold and black birthday party decoration, or some blue and silver birthday party supplies too!

  •  Dress Code for the Special Day

This is completely up to your preference. We are not saying that this is the MUST-HAVE but yes, consideration of the dress code for your party can just add excitement and some amazing memories together. You can go for special colour-schemed dress codes or other traditional or western outfits for the special day. If you are considering the same, ask your guests to wear the same too! 

  • A Whimsical Birthday Decoration

One of the most popular opinions is that every 21st birthday party has happy birthday balloons which have become obsolete. You can find elegant and classy birthday decoration items to set the party vibes on your 21st birthday. So why should you be left out? Set an amazing glittery birthday decoration with the addition of some birthday foil curtains, foil balloons, happy birthday banners, props, and many more. You can pick a 21st birthday decorations combo set to make your shopping hassle-free. 

  • Themed Cake is Fun

After a long list of planning the date, venue, guests, food, décor, and theme, do not just simply miss out on the most essential element that is cake! Go for a stunning customized and themed birthday cake to add the cherry on top of your special celebration. From simple delicious cakes to some fun-filled themed fondant cakes, there are so many options that you can go for. Order the cake a few days before your party so that it gets delivered on time!

  • Addition of Music and DJ

Music like the birthday party decoration has become another essential ingredient to the party and good music preference adds entertainment among guests. Consider adding a DJ to your special day to collect the memorable experience of the event for you and your guests. After all, a party without music and dance is so not happening, right?  If you’re planning on using a local DJ, consider getting some miami dj equipment rental so you or a friend can be the DJ!

Planning a 21st birthday celebration can have several unbelievable options out there that can sound and feel overwhelming too. Planning is great! No matter what you do on your special day, smart planning can always make your party a hit! Cheers, to you turning 21 soon! Have a blast day!