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What’s Hot in The Streaming Realm Right Now (Podcasts Included)

Unwinding to videos has been and will continue to be our favorite thing to do after a long and hectic day. If you’re not too big on streaming series and movies, then we have your back. Let’s face it, with all the stuff that we have to put up with every day, more drama is the last thing we’d want in our lives. 

Fortunately, the streaming realm is packed with an endless array of vlogs and podcasts that can bring some drama-free recreation into our daily lives. Guess what? We have a list of our favorite YouTube vlogs and podcasts that you can stream over the weekend and have the time of your life. The only catch? Make sure that your devices are juiced with a powerful, streaming-friendly fiber internet service and you’re good to go. 

What & Who To Stream This Weekend

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya is back on her YouTube channel and in her recent video, she’ll take you through her journey across the country as she moves to a new house, in a completely new State. Safiya, who formerly worked for Buzzfeed, surely knows how to reel in our attention with her unique content ideas. The YouTube community has been under hot waters recently for some of its creators. Safiya, however, is exactly the breath of fresh air that we all need. 

Her recent vlog takes us on a road trip from Cali to PA, with her husband Tyler by her side. Anointed with just the perfect number of punchlines, rocks, Starbucks’ state-wise mugs, and of course, her cat Crusty. Safiya’s new vlog is a comeback we’ve been waiting for.

Simply Podlogical

The place where all the Holosexuals gather – this Cristine and Beyyn-run podcast is a blessing that the lockdown gave us. You may remember Cristine from her YouTube channel Simply Nailogical, where all she talks about is nails and more nails. 

Not too long ago, Cristine and her boyfriend Ben started a podcast, Simply Podlogical, where they talk about everything besides nails— from understanding the science behind YouTube’s Ad Revenue Generation to discussing the dos and don’ts of Brand Development. Simply Podlogical is a hundred times more logical than it seems it would be.

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How To Cook That

‘How To Cook That’ is a YouTube channel run by Ann Reardon – a food scientist by day and a Youtuber by night. Initially, Ann’s focus was to create easy-to-replicate recipes. However, with the increasing demand, she has recently switched her focus to creating ‘debunking’ videos instead.

She takes videos from BuzzFeed’s Tasty, 5-Minute Crafts, Troom Troom, and more, tries them out for herself, and debunks them for being illogical and potentially fatal. Seeing Ann, a handful of creators followed suit and started calling out the aforementioned creators for their poor content production.

D’Angelo Wallace

Commentating on internet personalities and judging them will always be our favorite thing to do. That’s why we’ll always love D’Angelo Wallace’s podcast-like shows for the rest of our lives. D’Angelo picks the ongoing controversies on the internet, adds his own spice to the mix, and then the inevitable happens – cancellation.

His recent Bhad Bhabie discussion surely earned our attention. In case you missed it. Bhad Bhabie shaded Dr. Phil for sending young kids to The Ranch. According to her, a lot of misconduct involving kids happened over there. So let’s see who will be getting canceled after this situation is over – the ‘cash me ousside’ girl or Dr. Phil.

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Phil DeFranco

Phil DeFranco is a more grown-up version of D’Angelo Wallace, you can say. He talks about political stuff, as well as internet-related mayhem that unfurls on a pretty regular basis. Moreover, the thing that we find the best is how he gives his two cents on the controversy from an adult’s perception. Definitely worthy of earning a subscription from our end.


And finally, the last one on our list is for the foodies out there. Munchies is a food-based channel from Vice Media. This confirms why some of their shows have this significant ‘Vice’ vibe to them. Munchies airs some pretty cool shows throughout the week. However, the one we’d like to talk about is Street Food Icons. 

In this show, Munchies takes us through different streets of the US and talks about that ‘one’ fast food ruler who has been ruling in the neighborhood for decades. Their recent episode is about a Rotisserie expert that even we haven’t watched yet. Seriously, this show would teach you more than just keeping your fried chicken juicy. It will teach you valuable life lessons about believing in yourself and loving what you do.

All Things Summed

Who says entertainment is only limited to streaming movies and series? Now that YouTube has an abundance of videos and podcasts that you can stream without paying a single dime, boredom will think twice before striking you again.