How to identify keywords that will drive tons of traffic to your website?

In this technology related website design Ireland blurb I’m going to be showing you how to do keyword research using a free tool for your website so we’re going to be looking for keywords that get little to no competition so it’s easy to rank ecommerceIrelandwebsites but they get quite a bit of traffic. We should have a group of keywords that we can work with and then we can take it to our blog content.

Identification of keywords for website Design

The first thing for web design in Irelandthat we need to do is to get a keyword to work with now this keyword needs to tick a few boxes criteria-wise.

High daily searches

According to websites developers, Ireland first thing that we need from this keyword is that it gets a high volume of daily searches and people can easily reach the websites through that keyword.

Low Competition

The second thing which is the most important part of keyword planning and web developement is that we need that keyword that has little to no competition so we can rank really easily for that particular keyword with a little convenience.

Now after getting awareness from website design Ireland you can use any keyword research tool that you want of the vast majority of them and website developmentIreland also provides a platform for paid monthly subscriptions but in this technology-based paper piece I’m going to show you how to find quality keywords that you can rank really easy for especially if you’re starting out using a 100% free keyword research tool as uber suggest.

Desire audience for ecommerce website design Ireland

The first thing for keyword planning of web design Ireland that we need to keep in mind is what kind of audience we are targeting & we going to be selling say a digital product that has worldwide appeal and if that’s the case then I would select Ireland results now obviously if you’re selling a physical product and it’s only being sold in one country then obviously you want to laser focus your attention to that particular country which you can select from that but if you’re selling to the worldwide audience because you think your article or your affiliate offer or whatever you’re promoting appeals to the world then it’secommercewebsite design Ireland all the way. So, what you need to do is simply put in a broad term for your keyword something related to the article you make.

So for this example, I’m just going to put in how to lose weight and uber suggest brings up statistics for this particular keyword so web design companies Irelandtells you how many monthly searches it gets it tells you the SEO difficult meanie how hard or easy it is to rank for this particular keyword and it also tells you the pair difficulty meaning how much money you’ll have to bid for that keyword and the cost per click now we’re just going to be ignoring these two because we’re not doing for any paid traffic from Ireland we’re doing SEO traffic in order to expand our web design companies in Ireland.

Keyword ideas by web design Ireland

If your website design Ireland has a low demand because your domain authority will dictate where you land for that particular keyword. As far as web designing is concerned if you’ve got a lot of domain authority you’re going to land really low for this keyword and not only that but it’s going to take months or even years to get ranked on the first page for this particular keyword and it’s going to cost you a lot of money in backlinks as well so this is off the menu for now but the good news is that if you add more content to your Ireland website design and as your domain and your website age and as you build more backlinks you’ll be able to go for more competitive keywords but at the moment if you’re starting out and like I said you’ve got a lot of domain authority we’re going for the extremely low hanging fruit for web designer Ireland so what we need to do is to scroll down and look at additional keyword ideas but we want to look at all of them. We want to stay away from the difficulties that are too high and we know this by looking at the SEO difficulty rankings so 64 is way off the menu for us we’re looking for something that’s more five or a six especially if you starting out or if you’ve got a lot of domain authority.

I hope in this keyword planner write-up you learned the basic art of using keywords in your content especially for the website developers Ireland.