Keyword Tracking

Know About Free Keyword Rank Tracking

About keyword Tracking

Keyword tracking is a process for keeping an eye on the website for a specific set of keywords. It is a process that helps the searchers to get the information about the particular keywords and gives results regarding the keywords searching. As the world is pullulating rapidly and with this, Keywords have played an essential role in providing the exact information and data instantly. Keyword tracking allows the desired results on any website related to the search made by the viewer.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Keyword rank tracking in SEO refers the searcher to a specific web page containing a particular keyword. However, Rank Tracking is the process of checking the position of distinct keywords on peculiar websites to make the search easy for people. There is only a need to add the specific keyword on the search box then the results will pop up, providing the best results possible on the google page. There are many free keyword rank tracking tools available on the web.

It has high-quality search safeties like proxy rotation and emulation by the humans that enhance it to make multiple checks. Rank tracking checks the keywords of the keywords that a website ranks in search engine results for giving details and information about the particular pointer. A keyword ranking usually takes around six months to one whole year of keywords on the google page. In earlier times, the keyword ranking is easy because of low traffic. But Nowadays, with millions of websites available having content with a particular keyword, it is hard to find the keyword ranking. If I found the article on the first page of the search then it’s a boon. Having the content written by us on the first page rates that the content published is super well. The information in the content is good enough to make the reader understand it well. Google algorithm is different so, it takes around six to one year for publishing of the content on the very first page.

How to Track keywords?

Some Basic steps to follow to find the keyword. Three basic keyword tracking features are there. These are:

  • Simple Keyword List Tracking.
  • Category Split Keyword Tracking
  • Keyword Funnel Tracking

What is keyword tracking?

Keyword tracking is not a complex process to find a particular keyword or set of keywords, and the user needs some specific tricks to find the exact match. For trafficking of keywords, One must do some hunting for identifying the content topics which the audience will find easy and informative and easy to understand. Prioritizing the content-making efforts needs to do some hard work to target the maximum number of individuals for great commercial inclined keywords. Correctly mentioning the headings and correct execution of words without grammatical mistakes with the addition of keywords make it the best. A good SEO score should be around 31-40 and has a high chance of getting good results. If talking about the easy targeting of keywords, then Long Tail keywords are preferred more because of the better chance of ranking faster and higher because these keywords are more specific and have lower search volumes.

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Why is a track Essential?

Working by including the Keywords is the most important part of SEO and maintaining the understanding of revenue generation to know how much improvement is needed. It provides a better knowledge of optimization and focuses on future SEO improvements. It improves the website presence and makes the writer understand the needs to work on for better results. With the keywords, an individual can earn as well by keyword marketing technique.

How to use Keyword Tracking tools?

There are many free keyword rank tracking tools available that help in finding out the best possible results. These tools provide daily access to updates on performance on the website. Free tools like Google Analytics and Moz devised for keyword tracking. By using these tools, one can do these:

  • Content Optimization
  • Monitoring Competition
  • Future Improvements


Using a tool will help to get the desired results, the Fruit of the efforts in the writing of content. It boosts the confidence in the writer but helps in more exploring and writing with the feelings of the content.