5 favorites to win Eurovision

5 favorites to win Eurovision

For many people all over the world, an annual highlight is about to happen: Eurovision. After Italy’s Måneskin won the contest in 2021, the contest will be held in Turin, Italy this year. Although many people like to hate on Eurovision for being too political, we think it’s just a fun contest with some great songs. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to our top 5!

  1. Ukraine

This year’s favorite according to the bookmakers is Ukraine. After taking the fifth place last year, Ukraine will be hungry for the win, which you can see by the act that they’ll send this year. Kalush Orchestra is a strange mix of everything that’s usually successful at Eurovision: traditional folk elements, with a modern layer. Although some people say Ukraine are destined to win because of the current political situation, we think the song and its presentation on its own should already be reason enough for Ukraine to win the Songfestival.

  1. Italy

It’s very rare that we have back-to-back wins in Eurovision, but it has happened before. Now, Italy seems to be aiming for this as well. After a second place in 2019 and a first place finish in 2021, Italy want to continue their success. Their way of doing this: sending Mahmood again, the singer who became second behind Duncan Laurence in 2019. This time, Mahmood teams up with Blanco. Together they’ve made a beautiful, modern, Italian ballad, brought to you with passion. Will we go to Turin again next year?

  1. Sweden

If there’s one country you can count on to send a great song, it has to be Sweden. They’ve won the contest twice in the past 10 years, having one of the most successful songs ever at Eurovision with Euphoria by Loreen. This year, it’s up to Cornelia Jakobs to go for the title. Her Lana-del-Rey-esque love ballad is relatable for everyone and sounds like someone that’s not just good for Eurovision, but could very well be a worldwide hit. If the staging is right, we could definitely see Sweden winning the contest once again.

  1. The Netherlands

The Netherlands had one of the most successful Eurovision songs ever with Arcade in 2019, but kind of disappointed in 2021 with their entry. That should be enough motivation to send a strong act this year, which is exactly what happened. For the 2022 edition, the Netherlands has sent S10, who’s titled the queen of Dutch Alt-Pop by a lot of Dutch music critics. For the first time in 12 years, the Netherlands will sing in their native language. However, S10 her beautiful vocals should be enough for anyone to relate to this song, as she makes you feel like Dutch is your first language too.

  1. Portugal

One of the most unique countries every year is Portugal. This also makes it very hard to predict how they’ll do: after winning the contest in 2017 with a beautiful Portuguese ballad, they failed to qualify in 2019. This year, they’ll send MARO: an incredible singer-songwriter. Her song about longing that’s half in English, half in Portuguese, sounds like nothing else we have at the festival. The beautiful melodies between MARO and her back-up vocalists will leave you stunned, which for us could be enough reason to see Portugal win ESC 2022.

What do you think?

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