4 proven recruiting methods for 2021

How to choose the best IT recruitment provider?

Recruitment is one of the most essential and difficult tasks for any company. Since the chosen team is the main determinant of your future success, you need to pay great attention to the hiring strategy. The challenge lies in the fact that you have not only to find the most suitable candidate for a position but also make him stay in a company for a long period of time. The IT sector requires a special recruitment approach, since it has a number of peculiarities. To settle all issues and choose the best hiring strategy exactly for your company it is a great idea to apply to such professional service providers as IT recruiting agency CNA-IT. Well, if you have never worked with such companies, you must know how to define a great recruitment provider. Below you will find an inventory of tips that will help you make a well-informed decision. So, let’s get down to business! 

What you should know about IT recruitment 

Technical or IT recruitment includes searching for suitable candidates, their selection, assessment of their skills and knowledge needed for a particular position. 

Since the competition between IT companies is extremely harsh, a recruiter or HR manager must make the candidate interested in the advertised offer. Not vice versa.

Technical recruiter – is a specialist in finding suitable candidates for IT companies. This person doesn’t necessarily have to have technical experience, but a deep understanding of the IT sphere itself. 

A good recruiter must have developed soft skills (like any HR specialist) and technical savvy. Moreover, technical knowledge does not necessarily imply a specialized education. Even a self-taught person can turn out to be an excellent recruiter. 

Soft skills are essential for a recruiter because this specialist has not only to find the most suitable candidate but also to persuade him or her that your company is the best option for this person. To make it possible, a recruiter must be sociable, flexible, and have a deep understanding of psychology to find some great arguments. 

An IT recruiter must also have knowledge in the field of software development, master specialized vocabulary and have the overall understanding of the field. Without these skills, the HR manager simply will not be able to assess the candidate’s competence, skills and work experience objectively. A technical recruiter must be able to speak the same language with the IT specialists. A recruiter who is fluent in the IT industry is more likely to win a candidate’s trust and attract them.

How to find the best recruitment provider?

It is very difficult to find, evaluate, and retain good candidates for the company‘s positions, but it’s still possible. Today, recruiting is determined by marketing. To find the best IT specialists, you should look at the task from a marketing perspective. You must understand where you can find a candidate, how to make the offer valuable to the chosen person, etc. Experienced recruiters focus on data to find the solution, and then apply marketing tactics to attract the perfect candidates.

 Technical tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights can be entirely beneficial there.  For example, Google Analytics can be used to analyze the behavior of job seekers on your website. You can also track how candidates find your offer and identify the keywords potential candidates use while searching for positions online. You need to make sure that you have added these keywords to your job description.

 The easiest way to get high-quality recruitment services is to apply to the specialised agencies. If you don’t know how to do it, visit https://cna-it.com/. Anyway, it is essential to ask about the results the company has achieved and ask for some documented evidence. 

 If you want to hire an HR specialist or recruiter by yourself, be very attentive. Pay attention to the job interview. You can divide it into two parts: one conducted via telephone and the other – face to face interview. 

Both interviews differ depending on the position for which the candidate is applying. The technical candidate who will write codes is expected to discuss the code, deal with the code, and optimize it during the interview. This approach focuses on understanding the candidate’s abilities within the job responsibilities.

Final thoughts 

Since the technologies become more sophisticated the responsibilities and duties of all IT specialists change. The same happens with recruiters. There is no doubt that professional technical skills are the most important for any candidate, but we should also focus on other important criteria. Among them the ability to solve complicated tasks, work in a team, and communicate with other people openly.

 The contribution of the recruiters to the development of companies is very significant and important. Due to this you should do everything possible to find a great specialist in this field. It will determine the quality of the services rendered by your company and its further success.