Everything You Need to Know About Being a Professional Lumberjack

The logging industry is worth an estimated $15.2 billion in the United States. America’s demand for lumber has never been higher than it is now.

If you are looking for a career shift, and have a hearty spirit you may want to consider becoming a lumberjack. Logging industry jobs are widely available. They are also some of the most grueling and dangerous jobs in the world.

If you think you have what it takes to bring daylight to the forest floor, read on. Use this handy guide for all your information needs about becoming a logger.

Spend Time in the Woods

As a lumberjack, you will be expected to perform arduous work in difficult terrain under dangerous conditions. You need to be a competent woodsman before you even think about applying.

Develop your woods legs through long hikes with weight, camping under the open sky in harsh weather, and spending time outdoors.

Find a Mentor

If you show up at any logging outfit without some sort of experience you will die in short order. You need to find a seasoned mentor who can show you the basics of logging. Without one, you might as well start at a mill job.

Becoming a Lumberjack

Once you have developed your woods-legs, found your mentor, and developed some rudimentary logging knowledge you are ready to start at the bottom of the food chain. It all starts with becoming a choker.

The Choker

The choker is the unfortunate soul who runs a heavy metal cable out to the fallen tree. The choker wraps the cable around the log so it can be dragged out by heavy machinery. It is an entry-level position on any logging crew.

Cultivating Felling Experience

After a few years as a choker, most logging outfits will allow you to touch a chainsaw. This is a great honor as you can now start the journey of cultivating your tree-felling experience.

Experienced timber fellers are the backbone of any logging outfit. It can take over a decade or more of tree-felling all day every day to become one.

The Foreman

The most experienced fellers that have leadership qualities can eventually rise to the rank of a foreman. This is the boots-on-the-ground manager of logging operations in the field.

Other Things to Note

A lumberjack salary can be great if you are experienced, but don’t expect to get rich. You will be a hardcore blue-collar worker, not a millionaire.

It is a very dangerous job, and chances are you or your coworkers will get maimed or killed at some point. Be prepared and don’t be frivolous about making your decision to become a logger.

Getting Insurance

Logging is one of the good careers for men and women looking to prove themselves in the harsh elements. That said, due to the dangerous nature of logging, you should get logging insurance.

Insurance for loggers is available at affordable prices and can keep you covered in your dangerous work environment. It is always a good idea to have it. Insurance for lumber loggers is often a pre-hiring condition for many outfits.

Get Started

If you are a hearty individual looking for a dangerous challenge, becoming a lumberjack may be for you.

If you can make the cut, you stand to earn a lifelong career in the beautiful outdoors. If you don’t, you may get maimed or die. Think long and hard about your decision to become a logger.

If and when you are ready to become one, buy logging insurance first from a reputable company to cover your bases. For all your other news and info make sure to check in with the rest of our blog.