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How To Change Difficulty In Halo Infinite

In Halo Infinite, the discussion of difficulty is could be very dicey to begin with. There are too many things in the actual games that contradict each other. Let’s look at how we can play Halo Infinite if we switch to difficulty.

How to change the difficulty settings

There are 4 difficulty settings to choose from in Halo Infinite. These are easy, normal, heroic, and legendary.

You’ll be able to choose one of these when you start the Campaign just after selecting the new game option from the menu. To change the difficulty, you need to exit out of the game by choosing ‘’End Game” and return to the main menu and then select “Load Game”.

Now choose your campaign save data from the next screen and press A. Select and press A on “Difficulty” and you’ll then be able to change your difficulty setting in the campaign to whatever you like. Remember that changing your difficulty midway through a playthrough will affect which achievements you can unlock. If you’re trying to get any for bt missions or the campaign on legendary and you change it to heroic, it’ll prevent you from unlocking these achievements. if you ever want to change your difficulty setting again just quit out of the game completely. Go to Load game, choose the difficulty, and then your save file and you’re good to go.

Which Halo Difficulty Halo is Truest to the Lore?

We are going to discuss which halo difficulty you have to play through to get the experience that the Spartans may have had fighting the covenant. What makes Halo different from a lot of other games is halo has all of this expansive lore but nothing really solid to tie it all together. Halo not only has its games but also comic book series, full novels, and all sorts of things that add to its lore. The halo community isn’t entirely sure what holds this all together, what keeps the constant stream of halo lore and constant consistency together. The real answer is pretty much nothing.

General Kidd pointed to evidence in the six missions in halo combat Evolved 343 Guilty Spark. If you start that mission on easy difficulty near the Pelican, you will find a shotgun. These shotguns are specifically in the Halo lore novel “The Flood”. General Kidd concluded that because they are mentioned in the flood and they are only on easy difficulty if you go on normal, heroic, or legendary, the shotguns will not be there. He concluded that easy difficulty is the cannon difficulty.

The biggest evidence against this is the fact that the Halo novel “The Flood’ came out in 2003 when halo combat Evolved only came out in 2001. The author William C Dietz also did a ton of other video game-based novels like StarCraft and Mass Effect. I think the man played through the halo combat Evolved on easy difficulty and we got to this section, he realized they were shotguns there and he mentioned them in his book. The shotguns were probably just placed there in the first place to make easy difficulty a little easier.

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He also points out other evidence in the comment section of his video where he talks about it. At the end of Halo reach where Noble six is fighting a bunch of elites unshielded. He takes several direct bursts from plasma rifles to his body and he’s totally fine.

On legendary difficulty, if you were to go toe-toe with an elite and you didn’t have any energy shield on you would die. On legendary difficulty, the elites of Halo Reach can completely shred you even from full shields. The only explanation for this in the game where noble six is taking a lot of fire is that the cannon difficulty in Halo is easy. This isn’t necessarily true.

There’s lore evidence that Spartan 3 by the name Dante g18 8 got shot multiple times with plasma rifles and took a needler explosion to the chest while dragging Fred from the blue team in Halo 5 to safety. Later he was asked if he got hit and Dante just replied with “Sir I think I got nicked” and then he died. If noble six in this game adrenaline was pumping even if he was playing against legendary elites, he probably could still live for a little bit. Even though we see him suffering wounds in the game and he might die later, he can still fight now.

This points back to more inconsistencies in Halo, sometimes Spartans are tanks they can take as much fire as they want but sometimes, they die instantly. In the game, email gets knifed in the back with an energy sword from an elite. How the elite was able to sneak up on him is understandable. For someone with enhanced reflexes and a motion tracker, this elite had a lot of time to sneak up on email. I mean Master Chief falls from space at the beginning of Halo 3 and goes like hey guys I fell from space, what’s up? oh yeah but is you now, wow the blast haha.

You can make arguments that you could assign different canon difficulties to different missions in individual Halo games. To give you an example, let’s look at the mission truth and reconciliation. In this mission, the basic overarching plot is that you have to get into the truth and reconciliation in this covenant ship. In this sort of mission, you would expect the elites to be pretty well trained, they are guarding a ship, a common access hole that they use to transport supplies weapons.

The covenant here would be trained pretty well and throughout this mission, you would see a lot of resistance. Tons of elites grunts jackals even hunters. Tons of fortifications like turrets leading up to this area. This is a pretty difficult fight and the canon difficulty for this mission could be heroic or legendary.

With a mission-like assault on the control room where you’re going around the back entrance, you probably wouldn’t expect many guards to be back there. I mean is the back entrance it’s not going to be fortified and you could say that the canon difficulty of this mission is maybe a little lower.

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