What happened to the Characters in Halo Infinite?
What happened to the Characters in Halo Infinite?

What Happened to Blue Team in Halo Infinite

If you have played previous games like Halo 4 and 5. You have noticed characters like Lasky, Locke, Blue team, and so on. We are going to talk about some of these characters and what happened to them.

What happened to the Characters in Halo Infinite?

Before we jumpstart into these characters’ mysteries, there are of course spoilers ahead if you haven’t played the game.

A classic Halo story centered on the Master Chief and his epic journey. This would be unlike Halo 5 where there was the Blue team and the fire team Osiris and you could switch between playing Master Chief and Agent Locke.

It was most likely intended that we don’t hear much about these characters on purpose at least in the campaign.

Let’s first start with Thomas Lasky.

In the infinite’s section, Lasky speaks to characters about the mission. That mission has chief bringing this AI to zeta halo and bringing back Cortana for deletion.

During this the banished randomly attack by sending marines into chaos and this caused Lasky to evacuate the infinity. The main thing is we know is that Lasky took a pelican to escape and was either successful or the banished got a hold of him. Commander Palmer was also aboard the infinity as she normally does, commanding some Spartans that were ready to go but there was no mention of her beyond that.

Secondly, let’s talk about Agent Locke.

In one of Lasky’s unsc messages, he said in audio and I quote” this is already well underway with the next stage to break a trip but each time out I wonder if we’ve pressed our luck too far”. So spartan Locke was sent out on his mission, not much is known besides his possible fate though. What I’m referring to here is certain banish leaders like Hyperius can be seen wearing Locke’s armor, his helmet is plastered on his shoulder plate. This doesn’t mean that Locke is confirmed to be dead but he could be alive.

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Let’s head on the Blue Team. In Halo 5, the blue team was sent to planet Reach with the Master chief to retrieve information for Dr. Halsey. This was from the place where Cortana was created duplicating or obtaining that information to create the weapon.

After this mission, it’s assumed the Blue team returned to the infinity where Halsey tells John the mission is to delete Cortana and then send the Blue team on their mission.

Currently, they seem to be alive out there as far as we know but I don’t know why they would kill these important characters off in something we don’t even see.

Lastly, we have the Arbiter which is a disappointing one.

We don’t have an update on the Arbiter besides these little plushies scattered around zeta halo. The Arbiter didn’t have to be at the forefront like the halo 3 days but at least a dialogue line would have been nice to hear what was going on with them.

Will Blue Team return in Halo Infinite Campaign?

The blue team is Master Chief’s family. A team of old spartan 2s who trained with some of the absolute best and highest figures in unsc back in the day. Like Master Chief, Jerome 092 Kurt051 Frederick 104, and many other Spartans.

Will Blue Team return in Halo Infinite Campaign?

The blue team is a semi-constant unit composed predominantly of spartan 2s under the operational command of the unsc naval special command generally consisting of around four members. However, it has been known to operate on more or even less in some instances. It was initially led by the Master Chief for most of its activity during the human covenant war. However, after the chief’s involvement in the battle of Mombasa the missions from halo 2, the role of the leader was taken up by Frederick 104 a very strategic and brilliant all-around leader.

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Later on, in the story of Halo 5, the Master Chief resumed as leader of the blue team along with the other Spartans. The blue team has participated in more than 220 military operations since the team started in 25 25 against a plethora of different enemy types including the insurrectionists, the covenant, and various forerunner constructs.

During Halo infinite, the blue team was tasked by Captain Lasky to take on a mission known as operation Wolfie on October 7th, 2559. Just before the events of halo infinite, the blue team began their insurgent into reach’s atmosphere and this was also including the Master Chief.

The banished occupiers and unsc forces withdrew from reach before Cortana’s guardian arrived. Some troops were left behind unreached until the end of the created conflict. This is also part of the story where the banished managed to locate a portal that was on reach at the time as well allowing atriox and some of his voices to travel through installation zero to reach.

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However, using the contents of the cryo bins which were retrieved by the blue team on reach, Dr. Halsey’s remaining cloned brains from Cortana’s creation were able to recreate the weapon and that’s where we see it at the start of the game. The only AI capable of stopping Cortana is the weapon. After this we don’t know much else, to be honest, this was known in the infinite campaign through some of the audio logs between Halsey and the Chief. The Blue team including the Master chief were sent to retrieve the remaining cryo bins to create the new Cortana, the Weapon to go along with Halsey’s plan.

In this occurrence, some of the audio logs before the battle on zeta halo that captain Lasky assigned the blue team to a classified operation after Dr. Halsey assigned the Chief to deploy the weapon onto zeta halo. After this, the Chief was mia for six months after being defeated by atriox at the beginning of the game. So where is the blue team? Assuming this operation went well that the blue team was assigned to wherever it was set they must still be there. It’s not that they can return to infinity. It’s not there anymore because it’s been destroyed and crash-landed on to say to the halo.