How Much Does It Usually Cost to Hire a Personal Trainer?

Are you thinking about hiring a personal trainer? What are your fitness goals?

Do you want to lose weight? Or maybe you want to bulk up or put on lean muscle mass? Alternatively, some people work with personal trainers to improve their performance in sports.

Regardless of why you’re looking for a trainer, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you. How much does a personal trainer cost?

The short answer is anywhere between $30 and $100 an hour. However, there are several things that affect how much you will be charged. Let’s take an in-depth look at personal trainer prices.

Session Duration and Frequency

When you hire a personal trainer, you’ll likely be given the choice between half-hour sessions and hour sessions. Of course, your choice will determine your personal trainer costs. Hour sessions will be more expensive than half-hour sessions but generally, come with better results.

You also need to decide how many sessions you want to commit to each week. You’ll achieve your fitness goals faster by committing to a more regular schedule.

However, you also need to consider your budget. Four one-hour sessions a week at $50 a pop adds up quickly.


Personal trainer prices vary based on where you live. For example, a personal trainer in Los Angeles California will charge more than a trainer in a small town in Montana.

Additionally, the facility the trainer operates out of will impact your costs. If you go to a commercial gym, the gym takes a large cut of the trainer’s earnings. For the gym and trainer to benefit from your training, you’ll likely pay more for your sessions.

For this reason, some people choose to hire a personal trainer who operates independently. There are trainers who operate out of gyms as independent contractors. There are also those who have their own facilities (commercial or residential).

Educations and Experience

When hiring a personal trainer, it’s important to pay attention to their credentials. Not all personal training certification programs are created equally. Some are far more in-depth and demanding than others.

There are also countless continuing education courses regarding fitness, nutrition, mental health, and wellness. It will likely cost more to hire a trainer with a better education.

You also have to consider experience. As in any industry, personal training experience comes with expertise. A trainer with several years of experience will probably be able to help you attain your fitness goals more efficiently.

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Package Deals

Finally, your personal trainer costs can vary based on the gym’s or personal trainer’s package deals. Many trainers will reward clients who opt for bigger packages with lower hourly rates.

For example, you could hire a personal trainer at $50/hr for two sessions a week. Yet, if you commit to four sessions a week, they might lower their price to $40/hr.

Looking to Hire a Personal Trainer?

There are so many benefits of exercising. However, most people need a little motivation to get started and stay dedicated. Don’t feel bad if you fall into this category.

Hire a personal trainer based on your fitness goals and budget. They can help you reach your goals and provide companionship along the way. We hope this guide helps you understand your future costs.

And if you’re looking for more health and fitness advice or lifestyle tips, stick around. Check out some of our other articles before you go.