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How Long Does Detox Take?

To recover from substances, you must have a complete detox before moving on in your journey. You’re now thinking, “how long does detox take?”

T answer is relative.

Are you on a tight time schedule? Are you looking to keep costs low? What kind of substance are you detoxing from?

These considerations may make a short time for most into a grueling struggle for others. To find out how long it takes to detox, keep reading.

The Short Answer On Rehab Facilities

Everyone likes an upfront answer, which in this case is 30 to 90 days. Nobody likes to hear it can take a month to three months, but each substance has its own withdrawal process.

Sometimes, that withdrawal process can even be deadly if unsupervised.

Searching for “drug rehab near me” is an important first step to full rehab. Going for convenience isn’t always the best option though. You want to go to a center that can treat different substances in different ways and has a good track record.

Experience in detox can even reduce the time it could take you to detox.

Detox-Only Programs Are Shorter

Entering into a “detox-only” program can shorten the time you’re in a facility. Detox-only programs can last from three days to two weeks. Rather than go through the whole program in the facility, you can opt for only the detox phase in-house.

Many choose this option for the freedom to be with family and to continue work as you go through various other programs to progress to full rehabilitation.

Rapid detox is not a possible treatment for all substances. Rapid detox works best with opioids. This is why a drug detox timeline is a bit different than an alcohol detox timeline.

Rapid Detox and ANR vs MAT

Rapid Detox can take three days to two weeks, but it has its limits and risks. Those risks include cardiac arrest, persistent withdrawal, and body strain. This is in part due to the use of anesthesia to bypass the worst part of the withdrawals.

It also works best with drugs like opioids, including heroin.

ANR is also known as accelerated neuro regulations. There aren’t many studies as to the efficacy of this method of addiction control. It does claim, however, to reset the CNS or central nervous system to a pre-addiction state in one night at a hospital.

MAT or Medication-Assisted treatment is the use of long-acting opioids to control your withdrawal symptoms over a longer period of time. There is much less risk involved and ongoing therapy in a controlled environment for up to 90 days.

The answer, in the end, is determined by what you are willing to go through. Either you’ll have to spend time and money, or try newer methods of treatment.

How Long Does Detox Take?

How long does detox take? The answer is up to you.

You have the power to take control of your future within you. Don’t wait until tomorrow, because it’s always too late. Whatever decision you go with, go with it today!

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