A coffin with a flower arrangement at a mortuary

3 Essential Factors to Consider When Planning a Funeral Service

No one ever thinks that they will have to plan the funeral of their loved one until it happens. And no one ever thinks about how they are going to plan a funeral until they have to do it for someone they love and care about.

If you are planning a funeral service for someone close to you, you probably want to do the best job possible. That’s why we have created this brief guide on how to plan a funeral with ease and efficacy.

1. Work with a Funeral Planning Checklist

There are many varied items that you have to take care of when planning a funeral service. If you have never organized one of these events before, you will be surprised by how many items you have to keep track of and how many items you have on your to-do list.

Give yourself a break by using a funeral planning checklist, so you don’t miss something important. You are doing this for your loved one’s peaceful passing, after all.

2. Think about Funeral Etiquette

This is something too many people ignore when planning a funeral, and it can result in a funeral that’s filled with running, bickering children, people talking loudly on their cellphones or answering their phone in the middle of service, and more.

Prevent all this, by having the funeral etiquette guidelines pinned up somewhere in the funeral home and also included in the funeral invitation. You want to spend a calm and serene time at your loved one’s funeral, and that can only happen if everyone follows a certain decorum.

3. A Celebration of Life

It’s always nice when funerals end up being celebrations of the life lived, rather than a sad affair where everyone cries and moans about the passing of someone they love. Why not create a funeral where you celebrate this bountiful and fulfilling life that your loved one had, where they had a positive effect on so many around them?

It would be a better way of saying goodbye to someone, rather than being sad and devastated about it. It will also create an atmosphere where people can share all the fun-filled and bonhomie stories about the person who passed away. This will end up bringing everyone even closer in their love and devotion to the deceased person.

There’s No One Way of Planning a Funeral Service

The brilliant thing about planning a funeral service is that you can truly make this event your own, by adding your special touch to it. You know your loved one best and thus, you can make the funeral something that is based upon their interests and wants. Don’t let yourself be bound by the ‘rules’ of the funeral industry right now.

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